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Benefits of Yoga for the Desk JockeyTM

  • You’ll balance your nervous, endocrine, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • You’ll engage your Relaxation Response
  • You’ll have less pain, and tightness in the neck, shoulders, back and arms
  • You’ll experience more clarity and more ease
  • You’ll be able to be calm amidst the chaos

The breath awareness is really key for me as I find I get headaches some days by the end of the day and when I get outside, I yawn so obviously I am not getting enough (fresh) air into my lungs! The jaw release exercise is awesome as is the hip exercise and the foot exercise makes me smile. It all helps me to realize there has to be more to my work day then just work and if I pay more attention to myself, I feel soooo much better as I head home!
Sheila Heger

The Yoga for the Desk JockeyTM program is designed for corporations, organizations, and desk workers who are interested in working a different way. The people interested in this program tend to have the following characteristics:

  1. They understand reality for what it is. They understand that corporate life at its essence can be stressful. They know that a sedentary job is challenging on the body, and that deadlines, curve balls and pesky office politics are sometimes part of the game.
  2. They know there is a different way. That while reality exists it doesn’t have to be endured. By quietening their mind and easing tension through their body, they can be calm amidst the chaos and lessen the impact of “business as usual”.
  3. They know that it takes more than a once a week yoga class, and an ergonomically correct chair. They want to learn how to incorporate stretching, awareness, and relaxation into their daily work - in a way that makes sense and adds value to their job.
  4. They are curious about effortless effort. They are ambitious, driven, and expect excellence, and when asked if they would like to have the same result with less effort they become very interested. They innately understand the distinction between “doing less”, and “less effort”.

Yoga for the Desk JockeyTM was created in 1999 and is based on Susi’s experience as an ergonomics consultant and yoga teacher. She wanted to provide a simple and effective way for desk workers to gain mobility, stability, and strength while reducing pain, tightness and strain, all the while improving mental concentration and attention span.

In 2006, she wrote the Yoga for the Desk JockeyTM book. The programs and book have been embraced by many progressive businesses around North America, Europe and India in a variety of industries including oil and gas, law, health care, banking, and education.

The programs are taught as lunch and learns, and are often included in corporate development or training days. As well, associations have brought the program for their annual association meetings as a way to “shift gears”, to get stretched out, and to learn some simple stress management techniques.

The real benefit of the program is that you don’t need to change out of your businesswear and into yoga clothes.

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