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Exhausted Yoga Teacher No More

Meet our yoga therapist: Jamie is a single mom to 2 lovely kids. Prior to 2012, she was working as a yoga teacher leading hot yoga classes. Exhausted from teaching and trying to build a sustainable business, she asked herself, “is there a better way for me to help my clients so I can help my clients deal with pain, and for me to run my business?”

In 2012, she completed Susi’s Therapeutic Yoga Intensive and in 2013 enrolled in Functional Synergy’s IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program. She graduated from the 2 year program in August 2015.

Her wish list:

  • Make a real difference in her clients’ lives
  • Find time in her own life as a single mom to do more even though she was already stretched beyond what she could manage.

What she completed at Functional Synergy

  • Therapeutic Yoga Intensive
  • “How to Make $50 K” Yoga Business Program;
  • Functional Synergy’s Yoga Therapy Certification Program
  • Currently enrolled in Beyond $50 K as she continues to grow her business.

What she learned that transformed her practice

  • The importance of functional moving and moving the body the way it was designed to move
  • Susi’s way “to see” her clients as individuals instead of making assumptions about their lifestyle or the source of their pain.
  • Not to chase “form”, but to truly look at the body in front of her and then adjust posture, offers modifications.
  • How to apply knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics to custom designed programs to address individual movement challenges.
  • Context is huge. There is no recipe or set template: everyone requires a completely different program.
  • That she is a great therapist with a particular gift for making students feel at ease.

Meet Jamie today

Jamie went from racing around teaching too many classes and being entirely depleted to someone more confident and in control of her life and her business. She is now recognized as a yoga therapist who gets consistent results with her students, runs her own teacher training program and enjoys a solid sustainable business of private clients and therapeutic based group classes.

“I’m so grateful for what Susi has given to me. “My life and my practice isn’t recognizable to what it was 12 months ago.

– Jamie

Want to learn more about Jamie – check out her website at

Ask, Listen, then Act…

Did You Know?
Ask, Listen, then Act. You will be amazed.

Thanks for a great training. I’m looking forward to exploring your approach further in my own practice and with my students. One of the most powerful lessons you gave me, mostly by example, was to ask questions and then listen, both for me and my own body but also with students.

I must tell you that on Thursday morning, I came to class with pain in my back. I had gone for a run on Wednesday since I was feeling so good 😉 and I think it triggered the pain. I was not looking forward to a long car drive and then an overnight flight with my back in pain. I left Thursday afternoon pain free thanks to the exercise with the felt pad and followed by the wall sit. I have used it a few times since then and it continues to be helpful, but also have found myself more able to go for a run and NOT have pain afterwards. I am committed to uncovering my patterns of compensating with my low back.

Thanks again!

– Joanna Dunn

There is never one answer…

Did You Know?
There is never one answer for helping someone heal or overcome pain. There are simply patterns to see and yoga techniques to accurately apply.

I came home after taking a number of days to reflect both on my own and with family, and think I have come up with a succinct explanation about how I feel and felt during and after the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive. If I were to sum it up – I’d have to say, “I’m no longer an imposter”. Truly I am beginning to feel what it means to be ME from the inside out. How wonderful to be connected to every part of my body (from the centre of my belly to the tips of my toes to the top of my head).

It’s been great to bring what I’ve learnt to my Mom and sister. We’ve all been harbouring internal and external ‘baggage’ so when I heard their comments “I really feel my belly talking to me – it feels different”, only a short time after doing both the initial observational exercises and the pelvic floor breathing, I was assured of my path.

THANK YOU for teaching me to look beyond the books and seek the knowledge that is deep within my body. I appreciated that you spent lots of time to show us what to do, how to do it and told us why we might choose one exercise and not another, but most importantly for me I appreciated that you left the discovering of what to feel or not up to us. I’ve taken lots of courses and read lots of books and watched lots of DVD’s but never before have I felt I’ve learned so much that is right now applicable and beneficial to so many. Although I took notes and re-wrote them after the training, I feel I have a sense of what to do – what a great feeling! Thanks so much.

My first private therapeutic yoga session is tomorrow – a politician with a problem back. I also taught a couple of students yesterday in the park and we ‘stepped back’ and ‘slowed things down’ … did the pelvic floor exercise and rolled mat at the spine and at C7. Warrior I & III – quite different but e-a-s-i-e-r! They liked it!!

Once again … you are the BEST!

– Maureen

Making gains doesn’t always…

Did You Know? 
Making gains doesn’t always or absolutely require a formal weekly or daily practice.

One of my students just finished up her 7 weeks of group yoga therapy. She is a 32 year old mother of 2 young kids, recently diagnosed with MS. She uses a cane and has seen a PT and an OT. She only attended 3 out of the 7 sessions due to getting lost first day and sick kids.

Here is what she had to say in a post class survey:

I loved my experience! I really appreciated the one-on-one attention … and the personalized exercises/stretches that were printed out for us to take home. I was beyond happy and pleased with my experience … and look forward to the next set of classes! Just a big *THANK YOU* for all the time, work, planning and care that was put in to make this a wonderful experience.
Thanks Susi….this stuff rocks and it just proves, less really is more!!!

– Jaylene