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Yoga for the Desk Jockey ™: Force, Fury, Fear or Flow?

By Susi Hately, B.Sc. Kinesiology, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

Force, Fear and Fury create agitated, anxious and figidity energy – a state of being that is fueled by drama, adrenaline, and endless pressure; leaves you tired, wired or exhausted with little opportunity to reflect or pause because there is yet another thing to still do.

Flow is that state of calm energy with low muscular tension, an alert positive mind, and deep sense of physical stamina.

While it can be challenging to switch to Flow, know that it is possible to have many things to do and operate from a place of ease, with a clear mind and a thoughtful, creative sense of relaxed control.

Here is what one student has to say about his experience working at a desk and maintaining a sense of flow, or calm energy.

“It just occurred to me that calm can come from listening to and respecting what my body is telling me throughout the day.  If I sit for too long and don’t stretch and move, then I get tight and not only is this distracting, it is also mentally defeating because I have not taken care of myself. I also find that sometimes drinking water is as much about going to get the water as it is about the water itself.”

To cultivate your state of flow consider the following a few times during the day. It takes less than 2 minutes.

1. Close your eyes and breathe. Feel your inhale and exhale.

2. Change your posture. Find your “sitting bones”. Regain your balanced, vertical position.

3. Stretch and move. Release the muscles that have become tight. Strengthen those that you haven’t been using. See the video below.

4. Humour yourself. It is amazing what laughing or even a smile can do. See the outtake video below

5. Drink some water. Re-hydrate your body and mind.

6. Transition back to work: Take 5 breaths.

This video below is longer than 2 minutes. If you have the time, do it all, or take bits and pieces of it.

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Your body changes from day to day, and you alone know your body best. Please be responsible with it, move with awareness and in a range that doesn’t increase pain.