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Pain and Healing Online Conference

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Learn How to Reduce or Eradicate Pain from 12 Leading Experts

Discover the Latest in Pain Research & How You Can Apply It in Practical Ways to Enhance Your Own Life or the Lives of Your Clients or Patients.

The Pain and Healing Conference is a 3-day online event designed to bring you the latest information in pain research from 12 speakers from across the integrative spectrum—expert pain researchers, medical doctors, physical therapists, yoga teachers, and fitness leaders.

Log in any time between November 14–16, 2017 to access 12 pre-recorded sessions. Each 40–60 minute session features a thought-provoking interview with a member of our expert panel so you can listen, watch and learn.

Pain can be reduced, pain can be eradicated, and we’ll show you how it’s done, no matter your age, no matter your situation.

This conference is for you if:

  • You are someone in pain who wants to improve how you feel
  • You are a health professional wanting to improve how you work with clients or patients
  • You are a health professional who has long-time success and you want to learn and grow
  • You are interested in learning the latest in pain research and how to apply it to your life in practical ways
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Our Pain and Healing Online Conference 2017 Expert Line-Up

Playback Quality : High

Pain Science Researchers:

Lorimer MoseleyLorimer is Professor of Clinical Neurosciences & Foundation Chair in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia. He is Senior Principal Research Fellow at Neuroscience Research Australia and an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow. He has published 280 articles, which have been read 67,000 times on Researchgate alone. He won the NHMRC Prize for Innovation and Potential Transformation, was runner-up in the Science Minister’s Prize for Life Sciences and has been honoured for his contribution to pain understanding and rehabilitation by national societies in 12 countries. He leads the Body in Mind research group.

Tasha Stanton
– Tasha is a Senior Research Fellow with the BodyinMind Research Group, University of South Australia, Adelaide & Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney. She is supported by a National Health & Medical Research Council Early Career Fellowship. She has >50 peer-reviewed papers on pain, she has given >40 keynote presentations at national/international conferences, and she has received >$1.7m in research funding. Her research focuses on pain – why do we have it, what can we do about it, and why (sometimes) doesn’t it go away? Her research interests include somatosensation (perception), multisensory integration (how our nervous system combines input), and cortical body representation (how our body is represented in the brain).


David Butler is a physiotherapy graduate of the University of Queensland (1978).  He has a graduate diploma in advanced manipulative therapy (1985), a masters degree by research from the University of South Australia (1996) and a doctorate in education from Flinders University (2010).  David is a clinician, an international freelance educator, an Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of South Australia and an Honoured Lifetime Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. His professional interests focus around the integration of neurobiology into clinical decision making and public and professional education in pain, stress and performance management. Food, wine and fishing are also research interests. Author of numerous book chapters and articles and the texts Mobilisation of the Nervous System (1991), The Sensitive Nervous System (2000), David has also co-authored of Explain Pain (2003, 2nd Edn 2013), The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook (2012),  The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer (2015) and Explain Pain Supercharged (2017).  

Applications of Pain Science:

Dr. Tracy Jackson, MD is board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine.  She completed her pain fellowship training at Stanford, and has additional certification in medical acupuncture and yoga.  She is currently associate professor of anesthesiology and pain medicine at Vanderbilt University, where she created their pain fellowship training program.  She helped draft the opioid prescribing guidelines for Tennessee, and has lectured extensively on opiod issues both here and abroad.   Her clinical interests involve development of holistic integrative rehabilitation options to reduce opioid use and improve chronic pain outcomes, as described in her TEDxNashville talk, “The Hardest Pill to Swallow.”  She is CEO of Relief Retreats, a functional rehabilitation program for chronic pain, and founded, a non-profit organization to educate, advocate, research, and provide patient scholarships for non-opioid chronic pain management strategies.   She on the FDA committee that reviews issues of opioid abuse and evaluates new medications for pain, and is active in international research and policy initiatives to assess and reduce the global burden of chronic pain.


Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, MD is a neuroscientist who has combined expertise in both modern neurology and Ayurveda. She is uniquely positioned as an expert able to pull from the broadest possible base to treat her clients. She is passionate about raising awareness for the need of a paradigm shift in contemporary medicine that focuses on patient empowerment and a health-based (rather than disease-based) medical system. Dr. Chaudhary is a regular guest on the Dr. Oz show, where her teachings about Ayurvedic medicine have been applauded by a national audience. She is also the author of The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss as well as the founder of The Prime Club


Dr. Susie Gronski is a licensed doctor of physical therapy and a board certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner. In addition to knowing a lot about your private parts, she’s also a certified health coach. Simply put, she’s the doctor for ‘everything down there.’ Her passion is to make you feel comfortable about taboo subjects like sex and private parts. Social stigmas aren’t her thing. She provides real advice without the medical fluff, sorta’ like a friend who knows the lowdown down below. Dr. Susie is the author of Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block and the creator of a unique hands-on training program helping men with pelvic pain become experts in treating themselves. So whatever you want to call it, penis, shlong or ding-dong, if you’ve got a problem ‘down there’, she’s the person to get to know. Dr. Susie is currently in private practice in Asheville, North Carolina specializing in holistic men’s pelvic health.


Matthew Taylor, PhD PT, PhD, C-IAYT leads training programs and creates resources to incorporate smart, safe yoga for the international yoga community and in conventional health care. His work fosters intelligent, creative and mindful sources of information and tools for yoga teachers, students, yoga therapists and conventional medical professionals who want to incorporate yoga principles into their practices and studios. His leadership in the field of yoga safety and science has made him an expert in yoga safety and injuries. Personally, he can attribute yoga to both changing his life and easing his chronic back pain.


David Holmes, BScPT, Cert Spinal Manip, CAFCI(Acupuncture). Co-owner of Tower Physio in Calgary, AB, Dave graduated from the University of Alberta in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. He has had extensive post graduate training in sensori- motor rehabilitation, motor control retraining, acupuncture and spinal manipulation.  Dave developed the Post Concussion Rehab program at Tower out of his philosophy of integrated neurological and orthopedic physiotherapy. Also effective at complex pain presentations, this approach aims to change pain and movement control by focusing on neurological function. For sports injuries, the underlying cause of many conditions is usually discovered using this approach.


Lorrie Maffey Lorrie is a physiotherapist like none other. Brilliant in how she sees a body, explains and teaches to others, she is an out of the box thinker and teacher.  She is terrific at demonstrating that there is no one cue to engage or connect. It is all so highly personal and specific. As for her background, the number of speaking engagements she has led, chapters, journals and reports she has written, as well as her credentials are far too numerous to list. Here are a few BMRPT, M.Phty, Dip Manip PT, Medical Acupuncture Certification, GunnIMS.


Neil Pearson is a physiotherapist, Adjunct Professor at UBC, and yoga therapist. He is founding chair of the Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science division, the first PT to receive the Canadian Pain Society’s Excellence in Interprofessional Pain Education award, a previous Director with Pain BC, and was the physical therapist hired by the Doctors of BC to develop and deliver their Practice Support Program on pain management.



Richard Miller clinical psychologist, meditation teacher, researcher, and yogic scholar, is the founding president of the Integrative Restoration Institute, co-founder of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and founding editor of IAYT’s peer reviewed Journal, and founding past president of the Institute for Spirituality and Psychology. Richard has authored The iRest Program for Healing PTSD, iRest Meditation: Restorative Practices for Health, Healing and Well Being and Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga. Richard serves as a research consultant studying the Integrative Restoration ~ iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation protocol he’s developed, researching its efficacy on health, healing, and well-being. Grounded in 30+ research studies, the US Army Surgeon General and the Defense Centers of Excellence have recognized iRest as a Complimentary Program for healing chronic pain and PTSD, and restoring resiliency and well-being. iRest is making substantial contributions to the recovery of wounded veterans, and is now being taught in over VA and military sites throughout the US. Richard and his institute are supporting iRest Trainers to teach survivors of human trafficking in the US, Nepal, India and other sites around the world to both learn and become iRest teachers, so that they, in turn, can bring iRest to other survivors.

Jennifer Blake has a  B.PhE, B.A., B.Sc.(Honours), has had an extensive array of experience in almost all facets of the Hoffman Institute Canada for over 19 years, along with her parents / founders of the Hoffman Process Canada. She has been an Internationally accredited Hoffman Supervising Teacher for over 15 years.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I can’t make it but still want the material? Can I access it without joining the online conference?

YES! Everyone who registers will be able to download all of the interviews after the conference is over. So if you are unable to make the actual conference dates, that’s okay. You’ll still have access to all presentations. Take all the time you need to review the material, as many times as you want. It’s yours to enjoy forever.

Why is this Conference is So Important?

Living with pain can zap the joy out of life. This small investment will put an end to that, and help you learn practical things you can do to reduce or even eliminate your pain. No hype or fads, just science-based, evidence-driven research and advice to bring you results and relief.

Pain Can Be Reduced & Eradicated…We’ll Show You How

Provide the stimulus the body and mind needs and you will reduce your pain. It’s that simple. Join us to learn more about this so you or your clients or patients can start feeling better sooner.

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