​​​Why Can’t I Make Money Teaching Yoga?”


​​If You are like most Yoga Teachers  . . . 

​You spend your days racing around teaching tons of classes, hustling for private sessions, picking up whatever work you can.

Yet you’re still barely making ends meet! 

All that hustling is driving you to burnout... and you’re becoming increasingly frustrated because the very thing brought you to teaching in the first pace – the love of yoga and helping others – is no longer sustaining you. 

And because you’re feeling so tired, stuck, and unfulfilled, you’ve found yourself considering the impossible: giving up teaching altogether.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The fact is, the world needs yoga now more than ever

… And an increasing number of people are realizing this. 

As yoga teachers, we are uniquely trained to help people increase their calm, focus, resilience, and overall wellbeing – traits that are necessary to thrive in our stressful, ever-changing world. 

If you know how to run your business and market your services effectively, you can be the teacher people choose to help them! 

​The problem is, most yoga teachers have a hard time thinking of their work as a “business.”

They don’t know how to blend their LOVE of the practice with the REALITY of running a profitable business. In fact, many believe the two are like oil and water! 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a yoga teacher say, “Oh, I’m just not a business person.”

It breaks my heart, every time.

Because if you want to be a successful yoga teacherone who’s able to make more than enough money to live the kind of life you want to live, without running yourself ragged or sacrificing all of your time and energy to your teachingyou must know how to run a successful business.

And I want to teach you how to do just that!

​​It’s time to turn your “practice” into a profitable business.

If you want to “make it” as a yoga teacher, you have to think like a successful business owner. 

That doesn’t mean compromising your values or resorting to predatory marketing tactics! 

It means knowing how to…

  • • Get the word out about your classes - so the right people know you exist
  • • Create classes and programs that people are already eager to attend
  • • Manage your books properly and invest in strategies that will grow your business
  • • Scale your business effectively so you can make a bigger difference in the world

It’s the difference between sacrificing your life for your work - and creating a business you love that gives you the money and freedom to thrive! ​

​​INTRODUCING the Yogi Business Program 

 Since 2009 I have trained other yoga teachers how I do what I do, so they can do it for themselves.

​To be profitable and have a sustainable clientele with clients they love.


In my​ ​6-month Yoga Business Program, you’ll learn how to… 

  • • Set yourself apart from other yoga teachers – so people remember who you are and what makes you unique 
  • • Attract your ideal students and/or clients – the people who will become lifelong loyal supporters of your business
  • • Do your numbers and balance your books – so you forecast your spending & earning into the future and always keep your business “in the black” 
  • • Write powerful, benefit-focused copy for your business – that communicates the value of what you offer in terms your ideal clients and students can easily understand
  • • Leverage technology to market yourself more strategically and offer your services to a wider audience
  • • Scale your business effectively – so you can grow steadily and sustainably without having to work insane hours

If you love teaching yoga and want to do this important work for decades to come – without experiencing burnout or sacrificing other areas of your life to your business, this program is for you! 

It’s not about hustling harder - it’s about working smarter.

My signature Yogi Business Program is all about taking the hustle out of the process, and directing it toward deeper connection by following these principles:

1. Business is Relationship

2. Marketing is Communication

3. You Build One Person at a Time

4. You Leverage To Refine & Grow.

I will teach you how to use these concepts to steadily and sustainably grow your thriving business.

this is for you If You are a yoga teacher and You . . .

  • ​​Have a few classes under your belt but are still in the early stages of your business
  • ​​Have an established practice, and you want to grow to the next level
  • Are ready to replace the "smiling face that covers the inner world of yoga teacher chaos" with true calm and clarity.  
  • You want to make a living​​​ while also making a difference. 
  • ​Believe you can make a living,​ you just need to be shown how.​​​​ 
  • Are tired of asking ​yourself, “Isn’t this supposed to be fun?” ​

​this is not for you If you are...

  • Anyone who believes it is impossible to earn a great living as a yoga teache​​
  • Not willing to ​do the work. To make a change, you ​will need to follow the concepts that are taught. It won't take a lot of time, it will require a sustained commitment.
  • If your schedule is packed from morning to night, and you don't want to change.

​I am Susi Hately, Your Instructor

​I have a BSC. Kinesiology and have been helping people reduce and eradicate pain for 25 years. I​ have also been a bridge between the medical world and yoga.  ​​Two of my programs have been studied at ​the University of Calgary and both showed benefit for supporting people and their wellbeing.​  ​

I have been training teachers in business principles since 2009.  My graduates are quietly going about running and growing businesses that are highly profitable, and don't eat up all of their time.  

Most make between $30-50 K in their first year working with me. Some have gone on to earn well over $100 K.  ​95% get out of debt.

Here’s what the “before and after” looks like for my Yoga Business Program graduates

Ele’s Story

When Ele first heard about my Yoga Business Program, she was a broke yoga teacher earning less than $7000 per year, teaching group classes and struggling to make ends meet.
Now, after finishing the program, she has become a profitable yoga teacher earning $21,000 per year, working 2 days a week, building relationships with private clients and developing relationships with referral sources. 

The majority of her clients are newcomers to yoga and she delights in offering them health and healing through the power of yoga. Her corporate therapeutic classes are priced fairly and consistently full - and she fills almost all of her available private sessions each week. 

Best of all, her clients are getting out of pain and learning tools and practices that help them thrive!

Matthew’s Story

Mathew is a yoga teacher and performing artist. When he signed up for my program, he was teaching 12-15 group classes per week at six different studios for a 32-hour work week that required 12 additional hours of commuting - and he was making a maximum of $35,000 a year. He was burnt out, didn’t have the energy to devote to his art. 

Within a year he was teaching 6 group classes and 10-12 private clients per week at one studio (along with a few home-based clients) and working only 24 hours per week, with two hours of commuting, for an average annual salary of $60,000 – not including special workshops or artistic contracts. 

At the same time, his increased presence and reached as helped his artistic career as well! With his newfound freedom and ease, he is accessing untapped stores of creative power, and has been hired for multiple new artistic projects over the next 3 years.

Josh’s Story

When I met Josh, he was working 75-80 hours a week. He had a retail job and was offering massage part time, as well as teaching group fitness and yoga, and traveling nationally and internationally as a yoga teacher trainer.

Despite all this, he was deep in credit card and student loan debt, dealing with ongoing chronic pain issues, and fast approaching burnout. 

After taking my Yoga Business Program,  Josh was working four days a week 15-20 hours per week. He owned his own Healing House studio where he had ten part-time tenants renting space in the building, and making over in the high high 5 figures. 

Best of all, his work schedule was no longer frantic and he was in a lot less pain. He paid off three credit cards and three student loans and is well on his way out of debt.  These student are proof of what is possible if you follow a proven step-by-step process.

​These students are proof that it’s possible to earn a living as a yoga teacher if you follow a proven step-by-step process. I’d love to show you how to do exactly that!

​HEre are what Other Graduates ​say:

"T​his business training that Susi offers leap-frogged me from a client list of 0 to 5 clients a week within 4 months. Absolutely 100000% worth every penny. I am still making more money as a result of her support."


​"I'm about to complete my best financial year since becoming a yoga teacher. It's been on the rise since I took Yogi Business in 2014.  Once you drink the koolaid there's no looking back!"


​"​ I am in training with Susi and I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to have direct, functional business coaching that works with this hard to navigate business of yoga and have it align with your yoga principles. Teachers before Susi had made it out to be so hard or not achievable to make a living at yoga. Thank you Susi . . ."


​​"Susi is an exceptional coach.  If you want to work with one of the best, if you want to work with someone who really wants you to succeed, if you want to work with someone who truly walks the walk and talks the talk, work with Susi. She really knows what she is doing."


are you ready to transform your "calling"

into a thriving business?

I am currently accepting ​3 more participants for my next Yoga Business Program session, which starts on January​ 22, 2020. Spots are limited and tend to go fast so if you are interested, I encourage you to book your spot today. 

Your tuition includes:   

  • • twice monthly group teaching classes with me and other business experts in copywriting, marketing, branding, bookkeeping
  • • access to me, 1:1, as you need, by phone and email, to help you navigate this process of building your successful yoga business
  • • tools and resources to help you put your learning into practice

​Registration is open until January 12, 2020

We can’t wait to roll out the (yoga) welcome mat for you!

* We also offer Payment Plans for those interested

Please email [email protected] to find out more!








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