FS Team

Rose Feighan
Rose is Susi’s right hand woman, key logistics coordinator and event planner.  She is also the first person you will likely talk to on the phone, as she is our front line customer service contact who will answer any and all of your questions about our programs, services and products. We hear over and over again that our clients love Rose, and so do we.

Kiya Naka
Kiya is Functional Synergy’s newest addition. As chief executive assistant, marketing manager and event planner, she takes care of both Susi and Rose, manages much of the behind-the-scenes work, as well as being on the front line with Susi’s private clients. An avid Crossfitter, there is often a joke flying about Crossfitters doing Yoga.

Stew Corbett
Stew is Susi’s heartthrob, right hand man, yoga prop and demo-model in many of her training videos. He is also the executive chef for all of the dinners we host for our Certification and Intensive weeks here in Calgary. Having completed the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive in Mexico in December 2015, you can now see him at walking up and down the stairs in pure movement, with a new bounce in his step. Stew ultimately wants to become the coordinator of spousal programs for all of Susi’s international training programs.

Need to confirm a date? Want to make a referral? Need more info about a course? We are here to guide you in the selection of appropriate courses and resources, or answer any questions and concerns. Just ask Rose Feighan or Kiya Naka.