Yoga Therapy

Susi has worked with thousands of people to help them understand that pain is their body crying out for attention, and is an indicator of a deeper problem. And while the problem that is presenting itself does need to be resolved, if the actual problem isn’t resolved, a cyclical patterns of pain will occur, and full resolution will not happen. In other words, their body will continue to scream.

By working with Susi you will learn that the sensations in your body are a communication system attempting to get your attention. Through custom designed therapeutic yoga programs suited to your body, challenges, and lifestyle, you will learn how to become aware of, and then listen to what your body is saying. As a result, your nervous system will settle down, you will feel less wired, tired, and your exhaustion will dissipate. There will be “less fight” between you and your body, and you will learn to move better, your compensations will reduce, and your strength will improve.

Take a moment and imagine what that would be like for your life, for your ability to contribute, to be productive, to have fun.

“When individuals learn to connect with what their body is saying, they are able to intervene on their own with strategies and tools to stabilize, strengthen and build endurance. “ – Susi

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If you are a yoga teacher or health care professional, and want to learn what Susi knows, click here for details on training and certification programs designed specifically for you.