Ask, Listen, then Act…

Did You Know?
Ask, Listen, then Act. You will be amazed.

Thanks for a great training. I’m looking forward to exploring your approach further in my own practice and with my students. One of the most powerful lessons you gave me, mostly by example, was to ask questions and then listen, both for me and my own body but also with students.

I must tell you that on Thursday morning, I came to class with pain in my back. I had gone for a run on Wednesday since I was feeling so good 😉 and I think it triggered the pain. I was not looking forward to a long car drive and then an overnight flight with my back in pain. I left Thursday afternoon pain free thanks to the exercise with the felt pad and followed by the wall sit. I have used it a few times since then and it continues to be helpful, but also have found myself more able to go for a run and NOT have pain afterwards. I am committed to uncovering my patterns of compensating with my low back.

Thanks again!

– Joanna Dunn