Blackberry Oat Bars (wheat and egg free)

I must admit, I am new to the world of chia. Yes, I have used it in combination, like the Holy Crap cereal, but not on its own. Well, I can say that after experimenting with a whole bunch of chia recipes, I am now lover of chia.
FSoatbarsIn this recipe, which I modified from (see modification notes at the end of recipe), I loved how the chia made the “blackberry jam” so super thick. Super yummy!

Modification Notes: The recipe posted is directly from here, my modification notes are below.

1. I cut the sugar in half and it brought out the tartness of the blackberries.
2. In one of my batches I accidentally used 1/2 cup of melted butter, and it still worked.
3. I used corn starch rather than potato starch.
4. Blueberries work well too.
5. If you can bear it, let the bars cool completely.