Building A Future

Meet our yoga therapist: Sharyl is an Ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher. She developed back pain as a result of her practice and was looking for a solution. In 2013, she completed Susi’s Therapeutic Yoga Intensive, How to Make $50K, and in 2014 enrolled in Functional Synergy’s IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program.

Her wish list:

  • Return to Ashtanga Yoga
  • Build a yoga therapy business while maintaining the balance of family


What she completed at Functional Synergy:

  • Therapeutic Yoga Intensive;
  • How to Make $50 K” Yoga Business Program;
  • Currently enrolled in Functional Synergy’s Yoga Therapy Certification Program, and the Learn To Mentor Program.


What she learned that transformed her practice and her business:

  • Anyone can gave give you an exercise to do for the sake of an exercise but the difference when you work with your neuro-muscular system means you actually reach the goal you’ve set for yourself.
  • Susi teaches you to play into your strengths rather than pushing yourself into a place where you aren’t able to go.
  • In Susi’s business training course, she sets in place a year-long support mentor system so after you’ve built new routines into your life for a year, they stay in place after the year is over.
  • Susi helps you to structure your life in a way that you use what’s already in place and working for you and you make more money doing what you are doing.


Meet Sharyl today:

Sharyl has developed a sustainable part-time yoga therapy practice which she balances with raising her 2 daughters. When she started working with Susi, she had no private clients and within 18 months built her client base to 6 clients per week. She is now integrating the yoga therapy concepts she learned from Susi back into the Ashtanga yoga system.

What sets Susi apart is her understanding of human nature and her understanding of how to change a human life, in a consistent, ongoing way, holding your hand at first and then letting go of you hand when you’re able to move ahead. – Sharyl

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