Burned Out Executive Turned Yoga Rebel!

Meet our Yoga Therapy Client: A 54 year old, male, CEO, married with 2 adult children, this client was referred to Susi by a sleep doctor and fitness trainer at U of C. He was having trouble sleeping and recuperating. As a Type A personality, this client worked in a high stress environment and always pushed himself athletically. But he had begun to burn out and face health challenges. It had reached a crisis point when he considered quitting his job. He has requested privacy regarding his name but wanted to share his story. He is an ongoing Yoga Therapy client of Susi’s.

His wish list:

  • to keep working.
  • to enjoy life.
  • to be active.


What he learned that transformed his recovery process:

  • I used to believe that success in physical activities was based on my drive and ability to push through the pain; now I think exactly opposite and instead have a much greater respect and awareness for my body and mind. This has been a massive shift for me.
  • When I first began, it was to strengthen my muscles. Then I was hit by another health challenge and this time, Susi just watched me breathe while I lay on the floor. This was a turning point, a “magical moment” where she went from trainer to someone who could manage me in spirit as well as the physical side of my life.


Meet our client today:

When I go to other yoga classes I now recognize what I need to do and how to go at my own own pace. Yoga rebel!

Susi is a bridge between traditional health care practices and the sometimes “-flakey” world of yoga. She watches the body, with a real eye and patience for assessing and balancing what is going on.