Podcast: Episode 31: How Not to Wreck Your Hips in Yoga

Talking about the hips is a contentious issue in yoga. There have been reports of people having hip replacements, attributing the injuries they had from yoga as the catalyst for these replacements. But by understanding and being more aware of our bodies, things can really shift – yoga doesn’t have to have the reputation of being a hip-wrecker!

Podcast: Episode 30: Making 1:1 Zoom Work

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, therapist, or health professional, you’re likely aware that telehealth sessions are increasing in frequency. Our ability to do them really well is becoming more of an opportunity, and it’s important to recognize how great online teaching can be.

Podcast: Episode 29: The Art of Problem Solving

The problem with somebody who is mentally capable of solving problems is that they’re often good at pushing aside symptoms of their body. The body will only hold out for so long, and when it gives in, they come to me for help.

Setting Goals

Podcast: Episode 28: Setting Goals

In the world of yoga, some people may find striving and ambition somewhat misaligned with the practice and believe that it can pull away from the sense of presence, but I don’t believe that to be the case. For me, goal setting is an opportunity to connect and live out your best talent, gifts, and skills.