Podcast: Episode 43: Evidence, Healing and Human Potential

You are your own best detective. Your job is to gather data and to see what is working and not working for you. When you recognize this evidence, you will develop greater awareness and further clarity and be in a position to take the best step forward based on that data.

Podcast: Episode 42: Results

I have always had a results-oriented perspective that has worked well for me in many of my life endeavors. However, when I started to train other health professionals, I found that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, and this perspective wasn’t playing out effectively. Part of what I had to realize was that the only thing I can truly control in any relationship with a client or a trainee is me. My results are focused on what I can teach people and not what they end up doing.

Podcast: Episode 41: Responsibility

In the past, I’ve taken more responsibility for my clients’ results than I should have because I tied a lot of my self-concept to the results they were getting. But knowing what you’re responsible for and what your client is responsible for can help your clients get better results.

Podcast: Episode 40: Healing and Psoriasis

I’m so excited to dig into a concept with my husband Stu this week, and that is the topic of healing and Psoriasis. The body is a barometer, and what Stu has experienced around his recovery and working with Psoriasis illustrates this.