Podcast: Episode 11: Compensation

Listen, as Susi discusses when compensation happens and how, when she can clear up those extraneous patterns, she can help them become more optimal in their movements. They have much more efficient biomechanical patterns, which also correlates to a reduction in pain.

Podcast: Episode 10: How Biomechanics Helps To Reduce Pain

Susi speaks about anatomy being the mapping of muscles, other tissues, lymphatic system, nervous system, and blood vessels. Biomechanics is how we see these forces move through those systems and Kinesiology being the studio of how a movement happens. She also shares that posture is how we embody our structure.

Podcast: Episode 9: Why Am I Not Better?

Susi shares the wonky relationship we have between expectation and reality. We expect our yoga teacher or health professional to figure out what is happening, but in reality, that’s not what occurs. This is when awareness becomes vital.

Podcast: Episode 8: Integrative Postpartum Care with Megan Jenkinson

Susi and Megan discuss awareness and how important it is because once you lose awareness, you lose connection. They also speak about qualitative versus quantitative and some tools you can use to support someone to notice what they are experiencing, and Megan shares how she determines which part of a patient’s body she works on first.