Podcast: Episode 75: Ayurveda in December

As the amount of sun access we get reduces, many of us are already feeling a sense of slumber and dormancy. But the stillness of the coming season can be oppressive for some, and we try to maintain the light that we would get naturally from the sun in other ways.

Podcast: Episode 74: Mindful Running Meditation

I’m doing something a little bit different and taking you on a journey of meditation for your run. Whether you are a runner or a walker, you can utilize this meditation, and I’ll join you for a mindful approach to both walking and running.

Podcast: Episode 73: Feeling as Essential to Healing

Symptoms are there to help us, and they share vital information about our recovery and healing process. By looking into them and acknowledging what they are trying to tell us, and by feeling all of our emotions, we can take the steps to recovery.

Podcast: Episode 72: Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can

So often in our world, it’s all about managing symptoms and fixing things. But the process of recovery and healing is not one of fixing, but one of feeling. Try as you might, pushing aside symptoms or trying to fix them will only last so long. They will keep coming back until you are willing to feel.