Podcast: Episode 21: Yoga and Business

The essential skills a yoga professional needs to run a business and create a life of vitality and freedom. I’m sharing some general principles to apply to your business and some activities that I do personally in my own business.

Breathing Through the Pelvic Floor

Podcast: Episode 19: Breathing Through the Pelvic Floor

Exploration of the pelvic floor, with a specific focus on a technique called Pelvic Floor Breathing or Orifice Breathing. Today, Susi explores this sacred, powerful exercise, teaching you why it’s beneficial while walking you through the exercise.

Podcast: Episode 18: Understanding Movement for Reducing Pain

“I’ve found that when I can effectively teach my clients about their movements first, before getting into muscle conversation, the faster they get better.” In this episode of From Pain to Possibility. Susi discusses the idea of movement and understanding movement as an approach to helping a client reduce their pain.