Podcast: Episode 54: Listening to the Whispers

Your brain will always ask you to gather all the evidence and do anything it can to solve the problem. And while listening to it and taking action will often give you a solution, it often isn’t the solution that gives sustainable results.

Podcast: Episode 53: Persistent Pain, Feeling and Beliefs

When it comes to experiencing pain, some people feel it and want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. They want to get back to their life and the status quo and do everything they can to fix the problem and push the pain away. For others, they realize that where the pain is is not the problem. They know that the problem lies under their level of awareness and that if they could just find someone to help them uncover what they’re unaware of, they have the opportunity to evolve.

Podcast: Episode 51: What Gets In the Way

There is a long-held belief in our culture that pain means something is broken. The medical model in the west believes at its foundation that if there’s a problem, we have to fix it. But I view it differently; it’s less about fixing the problem and more about acknowledging and addressing the compensation.