Certification Application Submission


Congratulations on completing the case studies, video and testimonials. Here is your next step!

Below is a form for you to fill out – please answer the questions fully.

Where is asks you to submit your dropbox link – type in (or copy and paste from your dropbox folder) the link where your cases, video and testimonials have been uploaded.

Then click submit! Voila, done, complete.   Then, rub your hands together and say “yah”! You will receive an email back confirming the form has been received. Over the next 2 business days we’ll be sure that all the requirements download fine and we’ll notify you that all is complete, or if there are changes to be made what those changes are.

Then, I will review your application.  I can’t tell you how long this will take. So please be patient.

(Input webform – Susi to input details for webform)