Executive Virtual Assistant Application

Who We Are At Functional Synergy​

We are a small team of go-getters who believe deeply and are committed to the work we do.

We are agile, adaptable and responsive. ​We are nimble and move quickly. It is not uncommon for us to change our minds.

We are open and honest. We say what needs to be said, no matter how contentious.

We are responsible. We don’t play the blame game.

We love making a difference.  ​​We love seeing the gains our clients make.

How We Work

​Remote Work. ​All of our team members are based in Canada and work remotely. Appropriate office space and high speed network is required. We expect you to be a self-starter, be self-motivated and able to work independently. 

We Love Our Work and Love Our Lives. We get our jobs done and live flexible, meaningful lives.  We believe in being effective and efficient - not working well into the night. We plan ahead and prepare as early as possible. 

We are Excellent At What We Do​. We work with people who are amazing at what they do. We expect you to be resourceful and empower you to make your own decisions. We also hold you responsible for achieving your personal goals, and contributing to team objectives.

Our Core Business

At our core, we are a teaching and training company. Our difference is HOW we teach, the QUALITY of our teaching and the RESULTS our clients experience. 

95% of our clients are word of mouth or referral, and it is because of what we do and how we do it.

Our Clients

Our clients comprise of executives, entrepreneurs and health professionals who are experiencing persistent pain, are burned out, recovering from surgery, or are wanting to "not manage" their symptoms. They recognize their symptoms are trying to get their attention, they just aren't sure how to figure out.  Susi helps them navigate that grey area, and quite quickly helps them to recover and move into a better normal - their pain eradicated and them functioning better.

We provide professional training in our model and approach for yoga teachers, physical therapists, massage therapists, physicians and other health care professionals. When they integrate ​our concepts their results, personally and professionally, sky-rocket.

​Our Next Team Member: Executive Virtual Assistant

  • You have must have 2 plus years working as an executive virtual assistant to an executive, or business owner.  
  • You are smart, organized, a creative problem solver and trustworthy: 
  • You are detail-oriented, and also move nimbly.
  • When you were a kid, you had the tidiest bedroom in the family. 
  • Your inbox is empty, your email organized - all the time.
  • You know, to the penny, how much money you’ve spent today.
  • You have a calendar reminder for every friend’s birthday. ​​You ​know how to say happy birthday in a way that is meaningful for each person.  

You also have a series of important “soft skills”:​

  • You understand the subtlety of nuance. 
  • You can creatively connect the dots even when some dots are missing. 
  • You recognize that the problem that is presenting itself is rarely the problem that is.

Job Description - Executive Virtual Assistant

This job is to support Susi, the founder and CEO, and her clients.  

It consists of ​4 primary outcomes:

1. Packaging Susi's Message

  • Turn transcripts and recordings (which Susi will have edited down) into free and paid e-books, one page downloadable pdf's, sometimes using Susi's graphic designers on 99Designs

 2. Sharing Susi's Message

  • Create download pages on WordPress using Thrive Themes and connect with Infusionsoft so that clients and potential clients can easily download and use the information shared, and we can connect back with the client for follow up
  • Update current WordPress pages using Thrive Themes when new courses or programs are announced
  • Connect with Susi's Website Guy as needed
  • Publish Susi's blurbs (that she writes), and videos​  to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

3. Supporting Susi's Clients

  • Be the conduit between Susi and her current and potential clients on Facebook  and Instagram direct message​
  • Serve Susi's clients with care, grace, and efficiency​
  • Complete order fulfillment

4. Supporting Susi

  • Book flights, accommodations, rentals for Susi's occasional travel
  • Research  

Technical Understanding

  • You must have excellent understanding and experience with WordPress, Thrive Themes, Infusionsoft/Keap, Google Apps​
  • ​You need to know Basecamp 2.0, Zoom Meeting, Slack
  • ​You need to have quick learning with new technology or software that we may integrate

This is a part time, contract position, 3​5 hours per month, $30/hour, with some weeks being longer during events or program launches. It's also remote, so you can work anywhere in Canada. We communicate via email, chat, and phone, Zoom. You will need to be available for 2 meetings per week on Mondays and Fridays at 7​:00 am mountain time.

​To apply, please click the button and answer the questions. ​