Female Core And Pelvic Floor

It’s Autumn in Canada. You know what that means. Cold. Cold enough for my favorite drink, finally. Hot cocoa…with those little marshmallows.

While I sit on my couch sipping my hot cocoa, I am reminded of a time in 2016 when I found out I was pregnant. With twins.

It was awesome because this pregnancy was a long time coming. But I was also 45 years old, and we all know the risks – higher rates of miscarriages, more apt to experience of diabetes, high blood pressure, poor placenta formation, and early birth.

And these issues go up dramatically with twins.

Being a first time mom, I was determined to not have those complications. I was determined to beat the odds.

I was determined to have a comfortable pregnancy, without diabetes, and without high blood pressure.

And I was determined to recover well postpartum so I could get back to yoga, skiing, and the other activities I loved.

And, I did beat the odds.

Yes, I was at a slight advantage with my B.Sc, Kinesiology, and over 20 years of being a yoga teacher. . .

I knew this pregnancy and postpartum stuff. And, having worked with over a 100 women in pregnancy and post-partum and over 20000 women in group and online classes I had proof of positive results.

But now, I was the one who was pregnant. Things were feeling a quite a bit different now that I was in the experience (and the spotlight) and not just teaching and helping others.

Life is funny that way, isn’t it?

The process opened my eyes to just how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

Fast forward to today, my twins are almost 2 years old. I had a very comfortable pregnancy. I did have a diastasis (abdominal separation that most women get while pregnant)  but that healed within a few months.

Thankfully, I was able to drop the baby weight in a realistic time frame and return to my active lifestyle. And you’ll never guess. . . I am actually able to do more activities now then I could prior to being pregnant.

Do you hear what I am saying?

You can be the active mom you want to be.

But of course, greatness and great results are never haphazard.

Since I wanted the best for myself, I sought answers from some of the pregnancy-postpartum minds of today.

With video camera in hand, I asked each expert if I could record the interview and share them with professionals just like you who help or want to help their femaie clients.

The purpose of this collection is to bust some myths, to support your clients pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Yes, you can help your clients become fit, healthy and to get their bodies back intelligently – even 10 or 15 years post-partum.

The Interviews will give you solid information and easy to integrate ideas whether your clients are pregnant, about to deliver, have delivered, want to improve their diastasis or core stability, re-engage their abdominal muscles, or just get fit again.

We will share those secrets that hardly any women talk about . . .

  • That diastasis rect (Abdominal separation) can heal – no matter your age.
  • Painful sex – yes, it can be pleasurable again
  • Dry vaginas – some of the common over the counter gels (like K-Y) are actually causing more problems not less.
  • Leakage  – this does not have to be the new normal.

Here are some of the professionals I interviewed:

Lorrie Maffey is a Physiotherapist, who trains other physiotherapists at both a University level and post-graduate level.  BMRPT, M.Phty, Dip Manip PT, Medical Acupuncture Certification, GunnIMS.

Jill Miller helps women improve and regain function. She the founder of TuneUp Fitness Worldwide and a master of self-massage techniques with her Yoga TuneUp balls. She is also the author of Roll Model Mama.

Kim Vopni is the Vagina Coach. She helps women prepare for delivery and recover post partum.

Dr. Susie Gronski is a licensed doctor of physical therapy and certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner.

Gayle Hulme is a physiotherapist who treats pelvic health disorders such as urinary and fecal incontinence, prolapse, dyspareunia and other types of pelvic pain.

Michelle Fraser is a highly credentialed physiotherapist with a focus on pelvic floor dysfunction. She is also a yoga instructor and combines both disciplines to make pelvic health accessible to all.

Megan Jorgenson is a physiotherapist and a pilates teacher who helps women recovery post-partum

Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat is a board certified OB-GYN, and an intuitive healer. She helps people heal at a deep level, one that brings about profound changes that last.

Chia-Chia Sun is the Vagina Guru who helps women navigate menopause. She has seen how what we do post partum and our perimenopausal years has such an impact on how menopause affects us.

Sonia Navak is an accupuncturist who helps women with fertility, post partum recovery and c-section scar management.

Mona Warner is an Ayurveda professional who works with women postpartum to rebuild and rejuvenate

The message all of these professionals, all of these women share, is that change is possible. You can be in charge of your pregnancy and post-partum recovery. You don’t have to suffer just because you are a woman.

You won’t find these interviews anywhere, you will only find them here. In the past these ______ interviews were only offered in past programs….never has a comprehensive collection been offered.

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For a limited time, and for the first time as a complete collection, you can own these 12 highly informative pregnancy and postnatal videos for just $197.

It is SO common for women to feel they have to suffer. And they don’t. You can make a difference in the lives of each of your female clients.

Think about it. Your clients need this information. They need you to deliver this information. Just think, for just $197, you can help your people at a time when they need it the most.

The amount of goodwill you will receive, far exceeds the cost. In fact, you could offer pregnancy/post natal classes and consultations and easily recoup all of your investment many times over.

Wow. As I look at the window I am seeing the season’s first snow fall. You know what that means. Time for more hot cocoa.

To go on this journey with me click below.

See you on the inside.