​​From Pain To Possibility

​October 7-November 8, 2019

​​Deep Down You Know Your Body is Trying to Get your Attention

No matter the condition, the pain, the injury . . . .you understand that something is up. You know that living your life could be so much easier. I am here to tell you that you are right. 

From Pain to Possibility is designed to help you deepen your connection with your body, your mind and the inner communication of both. By doing so, you can reduce and eliminate back, neck, shoulder, knee or hip pain and recover from surgery more quickly.


​You've learned That The More You Push, The ​Slower the results ​​​

​People work with me because they realize that what they are doing isn’t working.

They are recognizing that the more they push, the more the symptoms stick around or grow.

They have tried to resolve the issues with different techniques like strengthening what is weak and stretching what is tight. Some got out walking or on the treadmill.  Others have tried meditation, marijuana, or massage. All are viable options (when used appropriately), and they worked for a short time. And then they didn’t.

​THis is where I ​can help

​I help people who have tried a bunch of things and, while they had short term results, they haven’t had long term results. They, like you, find themselves in a cyclical pattern and are tired of feeling the way they do.

​I've been helping people out of pain for 25 years 
​Here is what I have seen

  • ​You are strong and resilient. The fundamental ability to push through pain, to push aside symptoms and to compensate is not a bad thing. It actually shows how creative and adaptable you are.
  • And, all that pushing aside and compensation works until it doesn’t.  In time the symptoms have come back louder, and your body is feeling progressively weaker, more tired and you just aren’t recuperating the way you want.
  • ​​I have yet to meet someone with pain who doesn’t compensate. The good news is that when you learn to move better and breathe better you will begin to feel better.
  • Change is possible. Our bodies are made of tissue. Tissue can change. No matter your age. The last time I ran this program, my oldest client was 70 years old, and by following my principles, she got herself out of pain.

​​From Pain To Possibility
October 7-November 8, 2019

weekly Teaching of Yoga ​tools and techniques to improve awareness, mobility, Stability and strength

​​​Every week you will receive intelligently designed yoga practices to explore your body’s capabilities ​and movement patterns. You'll deepen your awareness and understanding. You'll learn how to  ​tune into the body’s feedback, so you can create real and lasting results for yourself.

​Personalized coaching on our live ​weekly calls

​​​Each week during the program, I will hold a live training call ​to give you the opportunity to get personalized feedback or benefit from watching me ​teach other members of the group. Submit video of yourself moving ​to get ​my eyes on your techniques and suggestions for how to improve them. Can’t make it live? No worries! Every call is recorded and available to watch ​on the private ​program site.

Pick ​My brain when you need extra support

​​Not sure you are doing the movement correctly? ​Unsure about a sensation you are feeling? ​You won't have to stay stuck! ​Send me a video or yourself moving. Or, post your questions ​in the Discussion Forum to get a quick, direct and thoughtful response from me that’s tailored to your unique situation.

​​forever access

​You will have access to the site indefinitely and will get updates as they are added. ​You'll be able to come back and review the material ​as you want.  ​

You’ll Feel Right At Home In This Community If…

this is for you...

  • ​​If you know that your body is trying to get your attention. Intuitively know that something is up. 
  • You already recognize that the more you push, the more the symptoms stick around or grow.
  • You also recognize that your greatest strengths can also be weaknesses that drain you. When you don’t lead with them properly you may do more harm then good. ​
  • ​You want less fluff and more therapeutic benefit, so you can move with more ease, strength and stamina.
  • You are ready for some usable techniques and tools to change, harness and channel your strengths effectively.

​this is not for you...

  • ​If you don’t think change is possible.
  • ​If you are seeking ​something external to “fix” your situation. This program requires you to commit to practicing the concepts that are taught. Not a lot of time, but a committed time period nonetheless.
  • If your schedule is packed from morning to night, this may not be the right fit at this moment.

Meet Susi, Your Instructor

For 25 years, I’ve been the bridge between the medical world and yoga – helping people reduce pain, autoimmune flares, migraines and sleep disorders, thaw frozen shoulders, and manage the impacts of medical treatment processes.

I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for helping someone heal or overcome pain. Truly. ​You do need to become aware of how you are moving and breathing; then recognize the gaps between your movement, your breathing and the activities you really want to participate in.

​When you look at it that way, ​​reducing and getting Out of Pain doesn't have to be complicated.

​I combine my B.Sc. Kinesiology with my practical understanding of movement, breath and stillness to identify compensatory movement strategies and help ​you move better.

You wouldn’t believe the power you have to heal yourself on a physical and energetic level.  ​Inside ​this program, I help you get to that place.
I’ve synthesized my 25​ years of knowledge, training, and hands-on experience to create practical content for this ​program that can benefit people ​who are ready to become aware, regain movement and feel better.

​Your ​Program Includes:

  • ​​5 weeks of training with me to help you ​ease pain, improve range of motion stability and strength.
  • ​Yoga techniques and tools  ​that are rooted in biomechanical science and offer deeper therapeutic benefits.
  • Direct access to Susi in our ​private Discussion Forum and on our live ​teaching calls to get your questions answered when you need extra support.
  • ​​Confirmation that you are doing the techniques correctly ​by simply filming yourself move (with your phone or tablet) and sending it to ​me. ​​​ 
  • ​Weekly teaching/mentoring calls to connect with me live and get better results ​with personalized feedback and video reviews.

​Check Out What Others Are Saying
About ​From Pain to Possibility...

​“In my recovery from hip surgery, Susi’s input has been invaluable. She introduced me to stillness and breath work when my default mode was to push through the pain and ignore my body. This allowed me to cultivate a more refined sense of bodily awareness which, among other things, has enabled me to unravel the movement patterns that were no longer serving me. I am now out of pain and back to the activity I want to be.

​-​Jennifer, MD

​“​Susi instruction has completely changed the way I work, the way I exercise and the frequency and extent to which I choose to rest and recover. The way I feel and my productivity has improved as a result. No longer do I see my body as a non-cooperative tool in the way of my ambitions. As Susi says, “the body is a barometer”

​- ​Derek, CEO

"Prior to meeting you, I had been on a 2 year search attempting to get pain relief and relief from a basket of symptoms that I was having at the time. My journey included homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic medicine, 2 visits to 2 general practitioners, visits to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, and visits to approximately 12 medical specialists. Although the above treatments are good for some people and various illnesses, I did not make progress until I met you and worked with you in From Pain to Possibility. 

With your help, I have found the following results: prior to ​your program I was pain free 1 day per week. I am now pain free approximately 5 days per week; upon doing yoga, I am pain free immediately afterwards, I had suffered intermittent lower back pain since 1979. Since ​working with you, most of that pain has dissipated and has only reoccurred once; you have taught me how to relax in my office when I am surrounded by panic, turmoil and everyday disputes and stress that occurs in “normal business”. My body no longer feels like a clenched fist; I sleep better at nights with less interruptions or awakenings; my fatigue has disappeared.”

- ​Brad, Financial Services

"​Susi's Program helped me through a serious health situation and now has begun to add such positive dimensions to my life that I can’t help but recommend it to you. It was a struggle to find a qualified teacher who worked with medical concerns, knew their stuff with Yoga, but also cared about each student in order that the benefits to me were maximized. I hope this note will save you that search when I highly recommend Susi to you. She is nothing short of a gem in my books.”"

- ​Christopher, CEO

"Susi is an exceptional coach.  If you want to work with one of the best, if you want to work with someone who really wants you to succeed, if you want to work with someone who truly walks the walk and talks the talk, work with Susi. She really knows what she is doing.

- ​Loreen, Operations Manager

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