Functional Synergy Video Load Up Page



Here is where you will load up your video.

All you need to do is record your video with your camera, your computer, phone or tablet. Then load to dropbox or to youtube and place the link here.

I have watched well over 1000 videos of trainees and clients practicing or teaching yoga.  Here is some advice 🙂

  1. The first video may feel a little intimidating to film. Don’t worry! Once one is done, you may love it so much that you want to do another.
  2. If you can see yourself easily on the camera, so will I.   Choose a well lit room, and a room so you can place your camera, phone, computer and lap in a position that I can see you clearly.  This is a bit like Goldilocks…not too close so you are cut off, and not too far so I can hardly see. Not too dark that I need night vision glasses.
  3. Practice the entire movement from start to finish so that I can see your full trajectory. If someone else is filming you, be sure they stay in one spot while you move. If you want to show another angle, first finish the movement. The change the position of the camera and do the movement again. From start to finish.
  4. If you have a condition, a medical history that is important for me to know about, and/or if there is something you really want me to focus on, please post this in the comment section of this form.

If there is something I have missed, or to get any questions answered, please email us at [email protected]