Fundamentals of Yoga Therapy – FAQ

Fundamentals of Yoga Therapy
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Yoga Therapy Fundamentals Structured?

The Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy Fundamentals Online Training is a 3 month online program. It is a combination of pre-recorded calls and live training calls (which are also recorded). There is also the option to submit video for feedback (more on this below) 

2. What is the Schedule?

Here is the big picture:
Each week you will receive a 10-20 minute pre-recorded video from Susi on a concept to focus on for this week. She will also suggest other videos to review for deeper knowledge. These other videos are in Susi’s Resource Library

Three times during the month, Susi will teach 3 live 1 hour training sessions. 

Session 1 - Susi will walk you through one of the concepts. (MODULE)
Session 2 - Susi will remind you of the concept and review video submissions (VIDEO REVIEWS)
Session 3 - Susi will answer yoga therapy questions related to the concepts taught so far.  (Q&A)
(Questions will be answered in the earlier sessions, but Session 3 is solely for questions so you can get clear on concepts and application of those concepts.)

Schedule is posted here

Years ago, Susi really tried to choose times that would work for everyone globally. The reality is that there are so many reasons why any given time will or will not work for people. For this reason, Susi doesn’t make it a requirement to attend “live”. 

3. Are there set times you need to be online, or is it self directed?

You do not have to be online at the set times.

The program does follow a certain sequence. There is a structured learning process. Susi recognizes that people have their unique learning style, so there is flexibility in how you consume the content, and how much time you want to take with it in a given week. 

4. How many hours can you expect each week?

Here is the breakdown:
- Each pre-recorded weekly video is approximately 10-20 minutes long.
- The extra videos that Susi will suggest viewing are approx 10-20 minutes long. The number of these will vary each week.
- The 3 live training calls per month are 1 hour each.

5. I’m a 200 HR yoga teacher with no previous training in Yoga Therapy proper. Is this advisable for me?

Yes! In fact anyone is welcome to join.

- 200/500 hour teachers,
- 1000 hour C-IAYT yoga therapists,
- non-teachers/non yoga therapists.
- The key characteristics of someone who will like this program are:
- You think yoga therapy is very effective
- You are curious for more.
- You want to learn to fish.
- You aren’t an active learner. You love to dig in and explore.
- You know that there are many “right answers” and you aren’t seeking THE “right answer”.
- You know that it isn’t about “the quick fix”

6. Can I incorporate this teaching to help people suffering from back pain?

Yes! Susi will show you how she thinks when working with someone with back pain. You will learn biomechanics as well as the pain science/polyvagal theory that will support you and your clients.

 7. I'm wondering if this program supplies a certification at the end?

Yes! You will receive a certificate of completion after completing a short test online.

8. Will I be able to count this toward Yoga Alliance Continued Education Units (CEU’s)

Graduates of Susi’s programs have submitted documentation to receive continuing education hours. Please know though, that Susi made a conscious decision at the beginning of her career to not be a member of Yoga Alliance.

 9. Will I be able to count this toward IAYT Continuing Education (International Association of Yoga Therapy)?

Yes, this is in process.

10. Is Susi the teacher?

Yes, Susi is the only teacher in this program.