Getting Out of Pain

Meet our Yoga Therapy Client: Loretta is 50 +, married with adult children. She was referred by her personal injury lawyer and her dentist for TMJ issues, headaches, and full body pain related to a car accident.

Her wish list:

  • get out pain.
  • get rid of headaches.
  • feel better.

What she learned that transformed her recovery process:

Physio says “this is the exercise you must do to address the pain” whereas Susi says, this is the muscle, this is how the other muscles have compensated/taken over, and here is what you need to do—in your circumstance — to make a difference.

I learned how to strengthen certain muscles and use the proper muscles to support my body’s movement.

Meet Loretta today:

My headaches have disappeared, and I have better definition in my shoulders, arms (and people actually notice). I have learned how muscles are used and how they work together. I am now committed to yoga because I know more of what my body is capable of doing.

Susi’s able to see what others cannot see, she gives you your confidence back (physically and emotionally). As a result, exercise is no longer a chore of me and I am getting stronger – even in my life. – Loretta