I bridge yoga and western medicine.

I train yoga teachers and health professionals how to integrate yoga therapy into their practices so their clients and patients have more consistent, sustainable results.test

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Are you looking for Susi's 1:1 sessions?

Get access to 4 key concepts to speed recovery and healing.

You want to move beyond temporary fixes, and out of cyclical patterns of pain . . . for good.

  • You know that to improve pain outcomes, you need to look at your clients and patients from a whole person perspective. Not just a body part or a condition.
  • You also know that sheets of exercises and program templates addressing obvious symptoms don't always work. You want more consistent results. And Faster.
  • You know that movement matters, but not any old movement.
  • You want to be better able to meet your client or patient where they are at, to help them feel, be aware, breathe better, and move better.
  • You want them to take ownership of their recovery process.

To analyze movement takes a combination of formal training in anatomical and biomechanical knowledge, and a solid sense of intuition.  While the former is attained through time and diligent practice, the latter is more difficult to master. It requires the practitioner to combine reason with instinct and curiosity.  Susi has proved to be an expert at this skill, which makes collaborations with her very rewarding.  I can trust her to help my clients find new ways to explore their senses and gain a new connection between the brain, body, and spirit.  Truly a gifted practitioner and a wonderful person.

- Dave Holmes, Physiotherapist (BScPT), Certified Spinal Manipulation,
CAFCI (Acupuncture)

I am Susi Hately

B.Sc. Kinesiology, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

For 25 years, I’ve been the bridge between the medical world and yoga – helping people reduce pain, autoimmune flares, migraines and sleep disorders, thaw frozen shoulders, and manage the impacts of medical treatment processes.

Physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors count on me as a partner in helping their patients get well again.  Two of my yoga programs have been studied at the University of Calgary, and I am the best-selling author of seven yoga books and five yoga video series. 

I am also the lead teacher of my very successful IAYT accredited Yoga Therapy Program which trains some of the most successful yoga therapists globally.

Ready to dig in?

Dig into a recent speak series, join me online for an upcoming 2-hour training, or live at the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive.

Susi's Resource Library

This is my most cost effective program where you have direct access to me to learn and ask questions. About half of the participants in this group are already members.

Susi's Resource Library is all online and consists of over a 200 hours of video and webinars specifically for people who have trained with me. It also includes monthly Biomechanics of Healing Modules with three live group calls with me each month and access to my I Love Anatomy and Anatomy for Yoga Therapists programs.

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Private 1:1 Yoga Therapy

This is your opportunity to work with me privately for 3 months.

You are interested in working with me because you intuitively know that your body is trying to get your attention. No matter the condition, the pain, the injury . . . .you understand that something is up.

I teach you about your biomechanics and the relationship between how you move and how you relax.  You'll recognize where and when you compensate. You will also better hear your symptoms as whispers wanting your attention. 

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Therapeutic Yoga Intensive

Designed for Yoga Teachers and Health Care Professionals.

This will give you hands on learning with me, to deepen your own awareness and further your progress, as well as to improve your ability to work with students or patients. We work with your body and the people in the room, so you get a well rounded experience how to support people and yourself with getting well.

In 2020, I'll be in teaching in Toronto as well as Calgary (twice!)

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