How to be an Effective Yoga Therapist


Here is a bit of my philosophy on being an effective yoga therapist. Of helping clients in reducing pain, autoimmune flares, and improving how you feel in your body:

1. It isn't about the pose or sequence of poses.
2. There isn't a magic bullet.
3. There isn't a pose or series of poses that will eliminate back pain. Or SI pain. Or manage flair ups associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis or manage nausea from chemotherapy. Or . . . .(insert condition).

To be effective as a yoga therapist, it is about:

- seeing the person,
- of meeting them where they are at,
- and seeing the context of them and their condition.

The process of applying yoga then becomes about what makes sense for the person with the condition rather than just the condition, itself.

Best, Susi

Interested in More?

I work with clients and teachers in many ways both online and with live-training.  If you have any other inquiries, please email us at [email protected]

1. Susi's Resource Library. This online learning 200+ hours of videos and webinars includes my monthly Biomechanics of Healing Modules with three live group calls with me each month. This also includes my I Love Anatomy and the Anatomy for Yoga Therapists Program. 
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2. Private 1:1 Online or In Person Sessions.  Work with me privately for three months. People are interested in working with me because they intuitively know that their body is trying to get their attention. No matter the condition, the pain, the injury, they understand that something is up.  You can read more here.

3. The Therapeutic Yoga Intensive.  Designed for Yoga Teachers and Health Care Professionals. This is hands-on learning with me to deepen your own awareness and further your progress, as well as to improve your ability to work with students or patients.  Click here for locations & details.

4. C-IAYT.  ​For Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals who want to earn their C-IAYT yoga therapist certification. My trainees are keen to be excellent yoga therapists, and build a sustainable base of clients.  Click here for locations & details.