I Love Anatomy – Across the Globe

Meet our online training participant: Esther is a yoga teacher based in Australia

Her wish list:

  • to use more effective cues when teaching yoga, taking into account different abilities.
  • to develop a better understanding of human anatomy, specifically as it applies to yoga.
  • to gain a better understanding of how things work and what it looks like if something isn’t working so well
  • to improve her knowledge of anatomy and apply it to asana, so I can be more observant of my students and serve their needs in a more effective manner.
  • to understanding of what and how structures and muscles are moving in the body during yoga asanas


What she completed at Functional Synergy:

  • I Love Anatomy Online Training


What she learned that transformed her practice:

  • That we constantly use compensatory movements without being aware of it.
  • That she hasn’t been moving within her own range of movement during her years of yoga, and this has caused imbalances between muscle groups and ligaments.

Meet Esther today:

This training has allowed me to grow as a yoga teacher, to cue appropriately and allow for a more mindful practice.

I had an amazing session today with a lady who’d had achilles surgery some months ago. She said she’d felt that her progress had halted even though she was practicing her physiotherapy exercises. We went through the sequence using pure movement – she was very surprised how it made so much difference to her executing the exercises. She was a very happy camper 75 minutes later! – Esther