Learn from Susi

Susi Hately is a recognized leader, therapist, speaker, and author in movement/yoga therapy, pain management, and pain relief. She treats private clients and trains healthcare professionals and yoga instructors around the world in her philosophy of yoga and functional movement, and how to harness its power to transform lives.

For individuals seeking therapy

Susi uncovers and addresses the true source of your pain by designing a therapeutic program specifically for your unique situation, pain, and movement challenges. Success working with Susi isn’t about getting everything right. It is about taking small steps toward greater awareness and a changed life.

For instructors and healthcare professionals interested in therapeutic applications of yoga

Healthcare practitioners, movement therapists and registered yoga instructors who graduate from Functional Synergy’s intensive training become part of a group of professionals recognized as some of the most effective in the industry.

Researchers in pain management: Ask about evidence-based research programs

“I am dedicated to helping people get out of pain, manage chronic conditions, and support them through treatment and surgical processes. I love doing this because it really bothers me that people suffer needlessly, especially since I know that there is another way.” Susi