Learn Online FAQs

Do I need to be online at certain times? 

The lessons can be accessed at any time between when the course is on. So yes, you can be in your bathrobe at 2 am reading and watching yoga! (however, if you submit questions to me at 2 am we will respond during regular business hours Monday-Friday, mountain time (GMT-7)).

Do I have to access a computer every day?

I work full time! 
You can access to the site whenever you want while the course is on – so this is perfect if you work full time, if you are travelling, if you managing children’s schedules or if you are caring for an elderly parent. You can learn at your own rate, on your own time while the course is on…. AND… we will be available to you Monday to Friday to respond to your questions.

Can I still do the the online program I am interested in if I am travelling during part of the it? 

Yes. Every program is a self-paced learning experience.

How many hours are required? 

That depends on your style of learning and if you want to apply it to your practice on the mat. The intent is to engage your brain with anatomy, kinesiology and functional movement; to inspire you to integrate the material on the mat; and to be available for you to get your questions handled. If you want a ballpark though – on the low end, 1 to 2 hours a week can be expected, and at the high end, 6-7 hours a week.

Can the site be accessed at any time? 

Yes, the site will be available all day during the time the course is on. We send you details on how to access the site on the first morning of the program.

How many questions can I ask? 

As many as you would like. My focus will be on you.

I haven’t studied with you and I have very little anatomical knowledge, will this be beneficial?

Yes! I break down the asanas and movements into their component biomechanical parts, along with the anatomy that is necessary to make those asanas happen safely and effectively. I will be discussing anatomy in “anatomical lingo” and parallel “yoga lingo” so you will get the translation between both worlds. And remember, you will also be able to ask me any question. So please, use me!

I have done quite a bit of training with you already, and I have alot of anatomy knowledge. Will this be beneficial?

Yes! This is all about taking your knowledge to the next level.

I will be doing the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive with will this online material be included in the training?

This online training is a great preparation for the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive.

Is this a good pre-quel or follow up to other programs I will be taking or have taken with you?

Yes – to be a great teacher, you need to understand movement and be able to articulate what you want your students to do. As you continue to apply what I teach you, you will hit stumbling blocks. Through this program I am here to assist you in learning and growing.


What is the difference between kinesiology, biomechanics and anatomy?

Kinesiology is the science of human movement. Biomechanics is the study of mechanics and the application of engineering principles on living organisms. It is similar to Kinesiology, but it analyzes mechanics on multiple levels. Anatomy looks at the structure of living things.