Learn in Person

The Learn In Person Trainings are for yoga teachers, teacher trainees and yoga students who want to learn more. They are part of a unique process to help you understand anatomy in movement so that you are able to help your students prevent injury, progress in their practice, and if they are injured, how to reduce pain and create a plan to enable them to return to their regular practice.

Kinesiology of Yoga
The science behind body movement

Central to the Functional Synergy approach is an understanding of kinesiology, the science behind how the body moves. The body’s neurological and myofascial systems are designed to work well together, but so often, an individual’s compensations, which often lie under the level of awareness, get in the way of improvement. This course improves your ability to see such compensatory patterns and learn what you can do about them to help you and your clients.

Prerequisite: none

Suitable for: yoga teachers, yoga students, healthcare professionals

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Therapeutic Yoga Intensive
Transform Your Practice

This 5-day transformative experience teaches the basics of working with yoga therapy by applying Susi’s principles of functional movement. In addition to using principles of healing instead of following template solutions, students learn how to see body alignment and body mind dynamics the way Susi sees them in order to design the most effective and appropriate programs.

Following the training, you have a toolbox of therapeutic skills and tools to apply in your own practice.
This training appeals to those in a wide range of disciplines in healthcare, research, therapy, yoga, fitness, alternative health and wellness who are interested in pursing certification in the therapeutic applications of yoga or movement therapy.

This training is part of Level 1 toward the Functional Synergy Yoga Therapist Certification. Take this program on its own or as step one in your certification.

Prerequisite: 12 hours of pre-requisite training required before attending the 5-Day Intensive (Kinesiology of Yoga fills this requirement).

Suitable for: yoga teachers, yoga students and healthcare professionals

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Studio Workshops

Do you want to have Susi join you in your studio to lead a dynamic 2-day session? Functional Synergy will work with you to set up a great workshop to engage your teachers.

Interested in booking a workshop? Connect with us to discuss schedule and pricing.

Here are two examples of workshops we have held in past.

Introduction to Yoga Therapy

An overview of Susi’s approach to yoga therapy introduces instructors and therapists to the concepts of connected body movements rather than “poses”, and Susi’s method for uncovering the source of pain and harnessing the power of the body as a barometer of the mind. When compensations are reduced, pain is reduced or eliminated, and more ease is present in both the body and mind.

Prerequisite: none

Suitable for: yoga teachers, healthcare professionals

Anatomy of the SI Joints/ Shoulder Girdle

We often look at the Sacroiliac Joints and Shoulders as two separate areas, without much connection. We figure that if there is an ache at the pelvis, it must be a pelvic issue; and if the shoulder blade isn’t moving it must have to do with the muscles attaching to the shoulder blade.

This 2-day workshop highlights the close connection and relationship between the sacroiliac joints and shoulders. Through a series of assessments, exercises and pose breakdowns, you will learn how the sacroiliac joints and shoulders function, relate and depend on each other for proper movement and wellbeing. When you finish the 2 days, you will have an enhanced understanding of biomechanics, more confidence with your cueing and instruction, and a greater ability to adjust and support your students toward better movement, true ease and strength.

This workshop is ideal if you want to:

  • understand the mechanics of the sacroiliac joints and their relationship to the function of the hips, knees, feet, spine, shoulder and neck.
  • understand the mechanics of the shoulder girdle and its relationship to the how the neck, arms, wrists, hips, knees, and spine.
  • improve your ability to instruct, cue and adjust so that you provide your students with ultimate support and guidance.
  • to improve your own stability, strength, control and coordination.

Prerequisite: none

Suitable for: yoga therapists, yoga teachers, healthcare professionals