Therapeutic Yoga Intensive

The Therapeutic Yoga Intensive – Opening the World of Possibility

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I tend to attract the kind of yoga teacher who is driven to make a difference. They are ambitious, aren’t interested in hearing people tell them that they can’t make a living teaching yoga (because it isn’t true), and want top support to help them build their skill for helping people get out of pain, while at the same time grow their skill for building a client base and earning a living.

In this six day Training, we’ll go deep into movement, its relationship to awareness, breathing, emotion, and spiritual well-being. This is a no-fuss, no muss, deep approach to pain reduction, pain elimination and healing. Do not sign up if you don’t want to explore yourself as it relates to movement.

Following this training you will have the skill and ability to begin (or continue) to teach private or group therapeutic yoga sessions. You will also have access to ongoing mentoring, and my yogi business training. I accept a maximum of 18 people so that we can go deep, and so that you leave with a solid skill set and are ready to truly make a difference.

The bottom line – you will learn the foundation for why I get the results I do with my clients – both students and teachers.

Things you should know:

** While this training is serious, it is also fun. I promise. The joy you feel as you reduce or eliminate pain, and as you see the difference you make in the practice sessions will blow your mind.
** This training attracts both yoga teachers and other health professionals to enhance their ability to work with their students, clients or patients. It also attracts people who want to work on their own bodies.
** I have seen people eliminate long standing (20 years) chronic pain, reduce migraines, reduce pain related to rheumatoid arthritis, improve mobilty and stability following mastectomy. People have understood the relationship of their movement to hyperextension in their knees and elbows, they discover the real factors for why they have pain. It is very powerful and super cool (which is a technical term!).

Ultimately, I am not a template girl – I don’t rely nor do I teach “here is the template for reducing SI joint pain”. There isn’t one template for that to happen. It requires much more than that. Specifically – the following 5 concepts are vital for you to be successful at helping people get out of pain, reducing your own doubt and becoming a confident and competent yoga therapist.

1. The Healing Space. This is beyond intellectual understanding or a “to do” list. It begins with presence and it continues with presence. Both you and your client are in this together, on equal footing. This is a “power-with” relationship, not “power-over”.
2. Understanding the Actual Problem. This is different than viewing series of symptoms. You need to see the symptoms in the context of the actual problem and in context of your client’s life.
3. Communication and the Compelling Reason. Speaking and interacting with your client so you don’t have to convince them of the benefit of yoga therapy or of doing their home program. You’ll see how this is an extension of the healing space, and the need for presence throughout the session.
4. Refine Feedback Systems. When you truly solve the problem that IS, when you help your client understand and then integrate better movement, refined breathing and inner quiet, you are helping them to connect to their innate feedback systems. The ones that provide indicators for when you are doing too much, not enough, when to add more load, and when to back off. To get well again, and have it be sustainable, the connection with the feedback system is critical.
5. The Next Step. How to truly help someone progress and have sustainable success.

The process I will walk you through will help you to avoid the trap of “quick fixes” that don’t lead to consistent pain reduction, or pain elimination. You will also grow your ability to work with a wide range of people who have a wide range of conditions. This program is designed for the yoga teacher who is serious about developing their expertise as a therapeutic yoga teacher or C-IAYT yoga therapist.

The bottom line is thismaking a difference and making a living are absolutely possible. However, I have no desire to convince you. You have to want it for yourself.

If you are interested in joining, and have questions and/or if you would like to speak with one of our graduates about how this program has transformed their teaching – both in results as well as in income earned – please connect with us

Wait there is more – okay that was a joke, but truly, for the yoga teacher who wants join an exclusive group of yoga teachers and yoga therapists who are earning a living while also making a massive difference for the students/clients, there really is more. Our aim is to support you to be the best you can be and really raise the bar.

Post Intensive Mentoring – Following this training a whole number of training courses open up for you which are all designed to deepen your skill and grow your business.

  • Post Intensive Integration – This 3 month program enables you to fully integrate the concepts learned at the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive – whether with your clients or yourself. We will meet for 3 months of post-intensive mentoring so that you can integrate the concepts and principles, get client questions answered and continue to grow. The Post Intensive Integration Program is part of the package when you sign up for the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive.
  • Yogi Business Training – This is my Year-Long Business Training that enable people to make huge gains in their businesses – whether they are just starting out, or have a long term business but aren’t making the revenue or profit they want, or they are feeling so entirely chaotic that they have no interest in growing. I offer simple, straight forward lessons that honour the yogi in the business, so you move from chaos to calm busy, and grow a sustainable business that both nurtures others and yourself.