Reclaim Your Body & Life: LAUNCH PAD

Reclaim Your Body & Life: LAUNCH PAD

Welcome to your launch pad! Here you’ll find your downloadable guide, RECLAIM
YOUR BODY & LIFE: 4 Simple Yoga Exercises to Help You Recover from Cancer Treatment

as well as videos and step-by-step tips on how to get the best results from these gentle therapeutic yoga exercises.

If you incorporate these exercises into your daily routine I guarantee you’ll see results.



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LESSON 1: Get back in tune with your body

As you are driving, making dinner, out for a walk, practicing yoga, or doing some other activity, notice if you are holding your breath, clenching your jaw, and/or scrunching your face. Then, only move as fast or as far as you can without having to hold your breath, clench your jaw, or scrunch your face. What do you notice?

Next, resume the activity you were doing, with a little more relaxation and ease. Now what do you notice? How do you feel in your body when you consciously move from a place of comfort and ease? How does that impact your energy and sense of well-being?

Have fun exploring!

LESSON 2: Get your arms back

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To get the most out of this exercise:
• Keep the rib cage still. This activity should focus on the shoulders alone.
• Move in a range of motion that doesn’t increase your pain or discomfort.
• Recognize where you’re at – and don’t force it.
• Move as purely and precisely as you can.
• Breathe naturally – and if you find yourself holding your breath or clenching your jaw or face, back off and be a little more gentle in your movement.

LESSON 3: Get your balance back

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To get the most out of this exercise:
• Notice yourself breathing. If you find yourself holding your breath or clenching your jaw, ease out of the movement.
• Use the chair for as long as you need it. Think in terms of baby steps. As you build competence and confidence, you will find you need the chair less.

LESSON 4: Get your strength and stability back
1. The Mechanics of Chair Pose

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2. Pelvic Floor Breathing

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3. Bringing it Together

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To get the most out of this exercise:
• Notice yourself breathing. If you find yourself holding your breath or clenching your jaw, ease off the moment.
• This movement should use your hips, knees, and ankles in a single, synchronous motion.
• Pay close attention to your knees and only go as far as is comfortable.

Ready to take it further?

As these gentle exercises become easier for you, you might want to delve deeper into the practice of yoga therapy. If you’re ready to go deeper, I have a seven-week online yoga therapy program called Calm.Steady.Strong(tm): Cancer Recovery, which teaches you the key principles for using movement, breathing, and meditation to recover and heal – all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you’re interested, you can check it out here:

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Susi Hately
B.Sc Kinesiology, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist


Hi, I’m Susi Hately. Throughout my career as a kinesiologist, yogi, and teacher of anatomy and physiology, my focus has always been to help people move better, SSstore5breathe better, sleep better, and get around in life better.

I began supporting people in cancer recovery in 1999 and in 2001 co-created “Yoga Thrive” – a seven-week program and DVD series designed for people who had recently completed cancer treatment and wanted to become stronger and more active again. This program was studied at the University of Calgary until 2009, where researchers discovered that people going through treatment could benefit from the program as well.

Since then I have adapted and evolved the content into Calm.Steady.Strongtm: Cancer Recovery – an online program that delves even further into the key principles of healing and recovery and is based the principles I teach my personal clients to help them move through treatment and post-treatment as they pick up the pieces to recreate their lives.

If you’d like to know more about me and the Calm.Steady.Strong philosophy, here’s a three-minute story that Calgary Shaw TV recently did on the cancer recovery work I do with my patients:

I look forward to accompanying you on your cancer treatment recovery journey!