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Thank you for your interest in my Yoga Therapy Certification Program.

With the birth of my twins in March, 2017 – I will be taking a maternity leave from the 2018 Yoga Therapy Certification Program. Dates for future programs have not been released.

I will continue offer the  Live Therapeutic Yoga Intensive training as well as new advanced training for teachers and health care practitioners who want to grow, learn and develop their skill.

If you are interested in upcoming live and/or online training, please fill in the form below and I will be in touch.

These values are at the core of the Functional Synergy IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Program. We create, unabashedly, some of the best certified yoga therapists in the industry who follow evidenced based practices and more importantly, are known as therapists who get consistent results and who are making a living doing so.

Why is that so? The Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy Certification Program is a truly unique process that is fueled by passion, supported by qualifications, nurtured by experience, and motivated by the results we get.

We are confident in how we develop our participants who graduate as full blown yoga therapists making a difference in their communities – in Canada, United States, Australia, Asia, and the UK. They are helping people reduce and get out of pain, helping people mitigate the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual impacts of surgery, chemotherapy, and debilitating illnesses; and they are supporting kids and adults with special needs, autism and Aspergers syndrome.

Not only are they helping many people, Functional Synergy graduates are being referred to by Physicians, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists, with some of their work (in Canada) being covered by insurance. It is stunning, highly motivating and inspiring.

Our results are unique because of two points of focus:

  1. We believe the body is a barometer of the mind and what the mind suppresses the body expresses.
  2. Our lengthy practicum is unique in the industry and it’s what makes our grads so darn good.

With those two points of focus, we ground our knowledge and experience in anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology while simultaneously integrating patterns of subtle energy, and the nuances of mental, emotional and spiritual shifts that can progress or limit healing. We recognize that we aren’t physicians, physical therapists, psychologists or priests, so we maintain a context of teaching that improves breathing patterns, movement patterns and ability to be still.

The vision of the Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy Certification program is to consistently support yoga therapist to enable great results with their clients and make a living as yoga therapists. All of the primary Yoga Therapy trainers and Functional Synergy Mentors have started where each participant begins. The standard reply, “listen to your body” left us with that feeling of emptiness, but also a fervour, a fire that propelled us to learn more and to increase our capabilities. We all now have the confidence, the skills, the results, and the proven track record. And we all want to share what we know.

Our aim is to train yoga therapists who achieve great results, and who are pillars in their communities known as people who make a difference, who give back and are “class acts”. We want to provide the support, nurture the growth of yoga therapists who represent the industries of yoga and yoga therapy in ethical, effective ways.  We want to be known for our track record, and for our graduates track record and what our graduates say about our program.

We are passionate about getting people out of pain and creating great yoga therapists who also help people get out of pain and who have successful sustainable businesses. – Susi

Prerequisite: RYT 200 level yoga teachers who have completed Therapeutic Yoga Intensive and the Post Intensive Integration Package.

Suitable for: Yoga teachers and healthcare professionals with RYT 200.

Want to learn about the path to becoming a Functional Synergy Certified Yoga Therapists? Just ask for our overview of the FS Yoga Therapy Certification Program.