Yoga Therapy Certification

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Thank you for your interest in my IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program.

Every year I work very deeply with a handful of yoga teachers and health professionals who want to build a private base of clients, or they want to integrate yoga into their physical therapy or occupational therapy practices.

They want to train with me because:

  • they recognize that healing is possible.
  • they know that templates are a good idea but don’t provide sustainable success.  They recognize they must meet their client where they are in order to make the biggest gains.
  • they love science and evidence, yet they also recognize the inherent limitations. Just because xx% of people with abc symptoms benefit from a protocol doesn’t indicate that their client with abc symptoms will benefit…do they fall into the xx% or not?
  • they know that their own presence is a key ingredient to the healing process, and they believe in “power with” relationships versus “power over”.

The first step in this process is the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive.  We are running two this year – one in Calgary and one in Toronto.

If you have questions about this training or other trainings that I run (whether online or live), please fill in your details below and I will be in touch with you.

Happy Exploring! Susi