Making gains doesn’t always…

Did You Know? 
Making gains doesn’t always or absolutely require a formal weekly or daily practice.

One of my students just finished up her 7 weeks of group yoga therapy. She is a 32 year old mother of 2 young kids, recently diagnosed with MS. She uses a cane and has seen a PT and an OT. She only attended 3 out of the 7 sessions due to getting lost first day and sick kids.

Here is what she had to say in a post class survey:

I loved my experience! I really appreciated the one-on-one attention … and the personalized exercises/stretches that were printed out for us to take home. I was beyond happy and pleased with my experience … and look forward to the next set of classes! Just a big *THANK YOU* for all the time, work, planning and care that was put in to make this a wonderful experience.
Thanks Susi….this stuff rocks and it just proves, less really is more!!!

– Jaylene