More Than Yoga

Meet our Yoga Therapy Client: Chris is married, and self-employed as a Chef and Caterer. He was injured in an accident at an amusement park and was referred to Susi by his massage therapist.

His wish list:

  • reduce pain.
  • be able to be active again.


What he learned that transformed his recovery process:

  • There are no great secrets. Susi gives you the knowledge you need, and the space to use that knowledge what it is right for you. In other words, there is no great mystery to what she does, it is common sense. Here’s the thing though – common sense is not so common.
  • I learned how to strengthen certain muscles and use the proper muscles to support my body’s movement.
  • I am astonished at how mindful this process is. My previous experience with other yoga styles is they aren’t that mindful – they are about being told to strength, being to stretch and being told to relax. Susi actually teaches you how to do these things.


Meet Chris today:

I have a much better understanding of movement and how to use my body. Particularly when my work load and stress levels are high.

Susi offers way more than yoga. In fact, I’d say she takes yoga right down to its DNA, teaching us how to use our body in a more functional and systematic way. In doing so, she makes us aware of our own inner activities and helps us to further understand ourselves, but without it feeling invasive.

Susi’s yoga is directed at a high level and intelligent target, appeals to people who are like things to be intelligent, and straightforward. If you work with Susi, understand that she wants to make us better and to open us up so we can do whatever it is we want to do: run, move, breathe…. – Chris