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"When I can clear up those extraneous patterns, I can help someone become more efficient in their movements." Today Susi discusses compensation patterns because either the body moves or it doesn't, it's actually doing the thing we want it to do, or it's not, it provides a very clear understanding of what's working and what isn't, so we are looking at what compensation is on this episode of From Pain to Possibility

Listen, as Susi discusses when compensation happens and how, when she can clear up those extraneous patterns, she can help them become more optimal in their movements. They have much more efficient biomechanical patterns, which also correlates to a reduction in pain.

Susi shares that breath-holding when you are doing movements, and hiking a hip instead of swinging the leg are common compensation patterns. When you can refine those patterns, you can become aware of how you are moving and then integrate it into your moving patterns. It's powerful to resolve a problem that exists rather than a problem you think exists.

If any of this resonates with you and you feel that your pain experience is related to compensatory patterning, you might not be aware of it, or maybe you are aware of it but aren't sure what to do. There are two options for you to explore. One is Susi's Resource Library, a membership site where Susi helps people improve their movement patterns and trains teachers and health professionals to recognize them and improve them in their own clientele. If you want more personal attention, you can reach Susi through her website and go to the contact us page to inquire about a private plan session.

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It's really powerful to be able to resolve a problem that actually exists rather than a problem that you think exists." 
-Susi Hately

In This Episode:

[00:28] Welcome to the show!

[01:07] Susi discusses what compensation is and why it's important to clear up the extraneous patterns.

[02:46] Is compensation always bad? Susi says no, it is not always bad; all of us compensate.

[03:46] Susi shares some examples of common compensation patterns.

[06:19] Susi believes its powerful for someone first to become aware of how they are moving.

[09:15] Susi speaks about another piece of compensation that is fascinating, which is where we blend the biomedical view with the whole person.

[11:49] Where the pain is, isn't the problem, the problem lies under the level of awareness.

[13:18] Susi shares the key pieces of this compensation conversation.

[14:15] Susi gives some takeaways for the listener.

[15:22] Thank you for listening and have a great time exploring.

Where the pain is, isn't the problem, the problem lies under the level of awareness.”
-Susi Hately

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Understanding what really works and what doesn’t through compensation patterns
  • How compensation isn’t always bad
  • Becoming more aware of how you’re moving and how that affects your body

People with a lot of drive and ambition are really good at pushing aside symptoms." 
-Susi Hately

Episode Transcript:

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We all compensate, let's say you are out for a run and you sprain your ankle and you have to get back home, you are going to hobble or limp your way back home." 
-Susi Hately