Podcast: Episode 13: How I Do It


​How I Do It

Are you having trouble doing it all, running a business, taking care of your family, dealing with the pandemic, and all the other things that come your way? In this episode of From Pain to Possibility, listen as Susi discusses some key principles that have worked for her over the past three and a half years and some that didn't. Listen and see if there is a takeaway you can use to make your life run a little smoother.

Susi shares the five principles that worked for her, clarity, conversations, support, calendar, and commitment. Clarity leads to conversation; the conversation opens the door to understanding; understanding support helps us get clearer on our calendar. Underline, it all is a commitment to do what we want. Susi discusses how each of these led to her and her husband's ability to handle anything that has been thrown at them, even COVID-19.

Susi also speaks about two books that she used to get her clarity from a perspective of what's important, how each book helped her, and what we can learn from them. She believes that you need to carve out time each day to focus on the one thing that is important and will keep things moving forward and keep the wheels on the bus.

Susi wishes for the listeners to have the courage to get clear, have conversations, seek the support you need for the outcome you want, and experiment with your calendar to see what works for you. She believes that when you do, some great things can happen.

If you want to dig into this process a little further, there are two ways we can connect. One is through the Yogi Business Program, where we place the planning, the Yogi in front of the business because we know that the idea of calm busyness of clarity is way more important than chaotic busyness. There is also my private three-month program. If you realize that some of what I've talked about may solve the symptoms you're experiencing, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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“When people have full plates, it’s really easy when things get hard to throw up their hands and say it’s not worth it."
 - Susi Hately

In This Episode:

[00:25] Welcome to the show!

[00:43] Susi shares what she wants you to learn from this episode.

[02:16] Susi believes there is no such thing as a work-life balance.

[02:55] Susi details the five principles that worked for her.

[03:25] She begins with a story about when she was pregnant with the twins.

[04:49] Listen as Susi speaks about finding reliable childcare.

[06:31] Susi discusses their cobbled-together solution to childcare.

[07:48] Susi shares two books that have helped her get a clear perspective.

[09:10] Susi speaks about what she needed to do to keep the wheels on the bus.

[10:22] "What is the one thing that when done makes all else easier or unnecessary."

[11:25] Susi discusses taking time each day to focus on the one thing that needed to be done that day.

[13:55] She speaks about having one full day with her children, and so Friday became her executive board day.

[14:48] Susi shares that even with COVID, they were able to transition well because of what they already had in place.

[17:11] Susi discusses the key thing about their commitment to each other: they both wanted to support the other to have success.

[18:16] It is absolutely possible, is the key thing that Susi wants the listeners to take away.

[19:29] Susi shares ways that you can connect with her, plus you can always reach them at [email protected]

[20:12] Thank you for listening to the show!

“I am the central hub, I’m the one who’s consistent through all of it."  - Susi Hately

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Key Principles that worked for Susi and some that didn’t 
  • The Five Key Principles and how they work
  • Two books that Susi used to get her clarity, how each book helped her, and what we can learn from them

“I figured out through this idea of less but better what could actually be exactly that and what I could put on the shelf."
- Susi Hately

Episode Transcript:

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“A key piece in what enabled me to refine and really affirm was the importance of patience and not rushing forward.”  - Susi Hately