Podcast: Episode 6: Body As A Barometer


The Body As A Barometer

Did you know that your body isn't a passive thing that follows at the whim of your emotions or desires? Listen, as Susi discusses the body being a barometer and the importance of the concept in the work that she does with her private clients when she is training yoga teachers and other professionals on this episode of From Pain to Possibility

Susi says that your symptoms are there to tell you to pay attention, and the concept of the body as a barometer plays into her concept of her yellow light model, she talks about how these two relate and how you can move forward to support yourself, your clients or patients.

Listen as Susi speaks about what can happen if you don't pay attention to the whispers and let the symptoms go into the red light phase, that's when life has become constricted enough that something needs to change. Once you can recognize the pattern in your experiences, you can intervene at a level that allows you to make changes.

Susi discusses what happens most commonly with people who experience burnout. She also talks about a line in the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller, which says, '​What's the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?' ​With this ​question, ​her clients can sit back and think about the one thing they can do to support themselves moving forward.

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“A lot of times these yellow lights are so quiet that we can’t perceive them because they are just not loud enough.”
-Susi Hately

In This Episode:

[00:26] Welcome to the show!
[01:29] Susi shares a story about one of her private clients that listened to his yellow light.
[03:20] Susi says that your symptoms are there to tell you to pay attention.
[04:11] A red light phase is when life has become constricted enough that something has to change.
[06:01] Susi discusses how movement patterns might correlate to what is going on where you are hurting.
[08:09] The symptoms are merely expressing some issues that are going on.
[10:51] Susi says that when you can start seeing the patterns and intervene at the level of a pattern, you can make a lot more change.
[12:08] Susi discusses how commercials suggest that pain is a normal physiological process, and it will not get better.
[14:42] Have you ever believed that because the pain is gone that it will not return?
[16:14] Susi shares that when something stressful happens, it can affect how you feel.
[18:02] Susi speaks about improving the integrity of your mechanical patterns.
[19:33] Listen as Susi speaks about the healing model where awareness leads to clarity.
[20:37] Susi discusses where and how to start with this process of the body being a barometer.
[21:56] Susi speaks about noticing the progression of symptoms from yellow to red and adding intervention.
[24:01] Susi shares what happens a lot with people who experience burnout.
[25:41] Susi speaks about a passage in the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller.
[27:33] Let's have a conversation about how I can help reach us at Functional Synergy.
[27:42] Have a great day!

“A really important line to keep in mind is the better you get, the better you need to get.” -Susi Hately

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Paying attention to your symptoms
  • Seeing patterns in your pain
  • How stress affects your pain

“Why not build up resources to be able to do that creation rather than trying to create off of a really empty fuel tank?”
 -Susi Hately

Episode Transcript:

“When you think about your body as being a barometer, as being a mechanism of communication, those symptoms are really, great communicators.” -Susi Hately

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“If you can uncover and recognize what those whispers are that correlated to the screams you might be experiencing in your body, then you can make a lot of change at a whisper level.” -Susi Hately