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Since the publication of Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries in 2004, the yoga industry has really grown in its knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and yoga. Yoga teachers are more aware of muscle names, and more aware of the causes of pain and injury.

However, we are still hearing about problems out there.

  • More yoga teachers are teaching with pain, strain and are frustrated with how to heal themselves.
  • More yoga teachers are expressing, to me, their lack of confidence with how to help their students who are injured.
  • More yoga teachers are telling me that they feel that their 200 hour and 500 TTP anatomy programs didn’t really serve them.
  • More yoga teachers are confused, perplexed and annoyed with how their cues aren’t landing with their students and they REALLY want to serve their students and make a difference in their lives.

The Anatomy and Asana Workbook has been a dream of mine for over 12 years. When I wrote Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries, the key was to highlight the fact that injuries were possible in a yoga practice because moving into yoga poses requires movement. And much like running, swimming, cycling etc, movement can create injury. The aim was to help yoga practitioners and teachers chill out and not blame themselves when they got hurt, and rather, to start to deepen their understanding of movement – why and where a yoga practitioner typically compensates, and how to avoid those compensations.

This workbook is designed to accompany the intellectual conversation of Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries, by providing exercises, activities, and self-testing opportunities. It is designed to address multiple learning styles through a variety of activity types. By working through the Workbook and testing yourself you will be able to prove to yourself that you actually know what you think you know, how to apply it when practicing on your mat, and teaching group or private sessions. By working through the Anatomy and Asana Workbook you will deepen your knowledge of movement, deepen your understanding of anatomy and biomechanics in a way that will truly change your practice, and the way you teach.

You will love the Anatomy and Asana Workbook if:

  • You love my simple, straightforward approach to teaching anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology and yoga.
  • You want a book from a teacher who actually has a degree in Kinesiology and who has a proven track record of training teachers who help students get out of pain, and who help students progress into yoga asana really quickly.
  • You want a workbook that uses a variety of exercises and learning tools to bring anatomical and biomechanical concepts to the mat and that works for all systems and lineages of yoga.
  • You run a 200 or 500 hour teacher training program and you want to ensure that your participants can truly apply anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology on their mat, and when teaching, in a way that is safe and helps participants progress quickly in their practice.
  • You want an experiential, applicable and usable way of learning.

I will admit that I have been known to challenge the status quo in yoga, highlighting a lot of the very misunderstood concepts in Yoga as it relates to anatomy. I was the first yoga teacher who quite publicly and loudly spoke about the problems with tucking the tailbone – and now 18 years later, the tides are turning and more teachers are seeing how inappropriate that cue is. This workbook book is meant to build upon Anatomy and Asana so you can get away from Yoga Harm, and into Yoga Heal.

If you want to help progress your students, if you want to truly understand anatomy, biomechanics and yoga, you will love this Workbook.

This is the perfect pre-step to my Online I Love Anatomy Program which takes understanding movement and anatomy to a whole new level.

Here is What Yoga Teachers Who Have Previewed The Anatomy and Asana Workbook Are Saying:

Susi, I think you’ve struck on some gold – every yoga program and teacher should have this as part of their education process. I am loving the application process and taking it to the mat. The asana chart is very helpful too. For any teacher hungry for more knowledge, this is an ideal workbook. I love how the workbook directly corresponds to the current publication of Anatomy & Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries.
~Pam Kamoku

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