Back and SI Joint Pain Webinar


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This Back and SI Joint Pain Webinar is part of the The Pain Isn’t Where the Problem Is Webinar Series.

One of the primary concepts that Susi teaches all of her students and teacher trainees is that Where the Pain Is, Isn’t the Problem, rather it is a sign of limitation, dysfunction or compensation. The real problem is usually found in another area of the body. Pain related to the Back and SI joints, for example, often has correlating issues in the hips, rib cage and shoulders.

This is why so much of what we do to relieve to Back and SI joint pain doesn’t consistently lead to long standing relief. It is possible for these two areas can feel so much better –  you just need to solve the “problem that is”.

The Back and SI Joints Webinar will run live and online July 26 at 10 am Mountain time. Following registration, you will receive the link to the webinar. And, if you can’t make the time, don’t worry. The webinar will be recorded and you will receive all the material, following the end of the full program.

What You Will Receive: This program consists of this 1 hour webinar, a series of Susi-led yoga sequences to support you in reducing compensation and improving your pure movement, and a .pdf download of Susi’s Principles of Movement for you to refer to.

Learn More, Save More: If you would like to buy the bundle of 4 webinars (Back and SI Joints, Knees, Wrists and Jaw), click this link to receive 4 webinars for the price of 3. This offer is available until July 16.

What Cathy Says:

Within three months (after 8 years) of chronic pain, I was out of pain, and off all medications. I used the principles outlined here and dedicated time for my personal practice and healing. And now I’ve taught these same things to my students, helping others find their way out of pain! Thank you.

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