Bundle: ‘Where the Pain Is, Is Not the Problem’ Webinar Series


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This is Susi’s Where the Pain Is, Is Not the Problem  Webinar Series.

One of the primary concepts that Susi teaches all of her students and teacher trainees is that Where the Pain Is, Is Not the Problem, rather it is a sign of limitation, dysfunction or compensation. The real problem is usually found in another area of the body.   Whether the pain is in the back, SI joints, knees, wrists or jaw, for ongoing long term resolution it will be necessary to resolve issues elsewhere.

The tricky bit is …. how do you determine where to look or what to resolve?.

What You Will Receive: The full 6 hour program. Four-1 hour webinars, plus 2 hours of Susi-led yoga sequences to support you in reducing compensation and improving your pure movement and a PDF download of Susi’s Principles of Movement for you to refer to.

Once purchased – we will send you an email with details on how to download the materials.

What You Save: The 4 Webinars are $39 each, and together are $156.

Here is what Alison has to say:

  • A big insight for me has been the miracle of attending to how we move into Asana purely and with good function, as opposed to getting into the Asana “shape” and then trying to adjust. There is such a huge difference between the two, the latter building dysfunction on top of dysfunction and the former honouring the Yoga principal of ease and steadiness in asana, and in body and mind.  Also, I’ve been observing students for ages and seeing discomfort that I’ve longed to be able to help with more effectively, and now with your help, I’m finding myself saying aaahhh! So that’s why this or that is happening! – picking up those compensation patterns has been so useful. Thanks very much. ~ Alison
I am looking forward to working with you.

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