Bundle: Therapeutic Yoga for Shoulders and Hips Book & DVD


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This is a great package to enable you to really apply your learning.

The Therapeutic Yoga for Shoulders and Hips Book: Susi’s Best Selling Therapeutic Yoga Book along with online video with how to do each pose (this online video doesn’t offer sequences – see the Therapeutic Yoga For Shoulders and Hips DVD for actual yoga sequences).

The Therapeutic Yoga For Shoulders and Hips DVD: Experience Susi-led therapeutic yoga sequences that teach you how to listen to your body, increase your awareness and, in turn, reduce your pain, increase your mobility, stability and strength.

Susi began helping people get out of pain in 1995. In her over 20 years of practice, she has consistently seen that issues in the shoulders and hips have far reaching impact on neck, shoulder, wrist, back, SI, piriformis, knee and foot pain, and more. And, when we move the shoulders and hips the way they are meant to move, more purely and with less compensation, pain and tension can settle, lessen and be eradicated.

With this DVD and Book combo pack, you’ll be bringing Susi to your home to support you in moving better, moving more freely, and with less compensation. Reduce and get out of pain, unwind, relax, and feel really darn good.

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