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Now What?

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. An undeniable line has been drawn in the sand. What was before, is no longer what is, and everything going forward is unmistakeably different. The veil of life, the veil of illusion, has been pulled away. Now what? Where do you go from here?

Wherever you are on the spectrum of recovery, you can reset the foundation from which you can maintain, attain or retain as active and as balanced a lifestyle as possible. Because no matter where you are at on the spectrum of recovery. . . with as many decisions that have to be made, you still need to move . . .Whether it is the small movements which may feel so challenging like being able to turn your head in bed, to rolling out of bed, to walking to the bathroom and to sitting on a toilet; or the more complex movements necessary for standard day-to-day errands which, at this time can feel exhausting. Movement is a necessary component in each one and the more able you are to move, the easier it will be.

The Calm Steady Strong(tm) video series consists of 5 practices:

  • 3 yoga practices – one for good days, one for blahzee days, one for crappy days.
  • 1 breath practice consisting of several breathing techniques to improve relaxation and better oxygen utilization.
  • 1 yoga nidra practice for even deeper relaxation.a “how to” section to teach more granular details on the movements in the yoga practices.

About Susi: From 1999-2001, Susi created a yoga program specifically for people going through or who had finished treatment. From 2002-2009 this program was studied at the University of Calgary. In 2006 Susi co-authored a journal article that was published in Psycho-Oncology, a mainstream medical journal.

In 2010, Calm Steady Strong(tm) was born. It began with the Calm Steady Strong Fund that provides donations to charities supporting people in and out of treatment and private sessions.

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