Female Core and Pelvic Floor Bundle Program



You are in for a treat.

This bundle of expert series of interviews will take your teaching and practice to another level. Not often are we given the chance to be in one room with a hand picked group of people who are super smart and compassionate. The result – amazing information, easy to apply ideas and opportunity for change and progress.

Here is what you will get:

  • Female Core and Pelvic Floor Expert Series
  • Scar Healing Webinar
  • Diastasis Recovery Project
  • Postpartum Recovery Expert Speaker Series

This bundle consists of more than 15 speakers sharing research based, and clinically relevant material you can apply immediately to your classes, sessions and even for yourself.

Each component consists of:

  • Sessions that are pre-recorded interviews with experts or online training with me.
  • Videos for you to download and review as many times as you wish. The Female Core and Pelvic Floor Expert Series also includes audio and written transcripts.

Female Core and Pelvic Floor Expert Series

You will learn about the secrets that so many women just don’t take about:

  • leakage
  • dry vaginas
  • painful or unfufilling sex postpatum
  • diastasis recti
  • preparing for pregnancy and delivery
  • how to improve your pelvic floor at all stages of women’s health – before getting pregnant, during pregnacy, post-natally and into menopause.

Women quietly suffer in pain. They don’t have to.

Scar Healing Webinar

You will learn about best practices for scar healing:

  1. Why scar healing is so vital to postpartum recovery, and why it takes time.
  2. How acupuncture can specifically improve scar healing, the importance of Qi, and the healing the cut meridians postpartum.
  3. The massage technique I learned from my pelvic health physiotherapist Gayle Hulme.
  4. Why compensatory patterns like overwork, overlifting, or not moving enough can have an impact on how it heals. Likewise why rest is so vital.
  5. How poor scar management can lead to issues later.
  6. How issues later related to scars can be improved, so not all is lost if you are only learning about c-section scar management today.

Bottom line – Your scar does not have to negatively impact you. You can have a change – whether you are 3 months, 3 years … even 10, 15 or even 20 years postpartum.

The Diastasis Recovery Project

You will learn best practices for diastasis recovery:

  1. The Reality and Myths of Post Partum and Diastasis Recovery. There are so many myths!!
  2. How Reducing Compensation is SOOOO Vital!! Bracing, gripping, finding sneaky ways to move – Susi will show you common compensatory strategies so you can see and feel them.
  3. It’s More Than the Abdomen, It is More Than the Gap – Yes, there is a gap. . .Yes, abdominal control and coordination is so important. And, to get there we need to address the role of the butt muscles, the suppleness of the rib cage, the function of the shoulders and hips, the role of the neck, the feet and the power of the breath.
  4. Know Which Exercises and Yoga Movements to Choose and When. And, why navasana (Boat Pose), plank, abdominal crunches are NOT the place to begin.
  5. When To Know When You are Doing Too Much. This is soooo critical to sustainable progress and improvement.
  6. How and When to Choose a Practitioner to Help You. Where to find a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist (and do you even need one?).
  7. What About All Those Online Programs That Promote Flat Abs? There are many online programs that can help you to recover – some are good, and some are borderline. How to choose what is right for you, or if you are teacher, how do you recommend one for your students?

If you have been told that diastasis recti can’t be healed, that pregnancy and delivery wrecks your body and there is no hope for recovery. . . . I have news for you. Recovery is possible. It is all how you do it.

Postpartum Recovery Expert Speaker Series

You will learn best practices for the first 40-90 days post birth and what it takes to optimize recovery and rejuvenation. This is such a sacred and magical period of time that is equally as intense – spanning the spectrum of amazingness, craziness, exhaustion and wonder.

The focus is for a women to experience the following:

  • bodies become less slugglish,
  • brains more clear,
  • weightloss happens more quickly,
  • stability and strength return,
  • milk production is augmented
  • we become more patient.

As well, what are considered to be common issues postpartum will resolve faster including:

  • diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction,
  • prolapses,
  • persistent sacro-iliac joint pain,
  • jaw issues,
  • GI trouble,
  • poor sleep,
  • pain and strain in the knees, back, upper back, elbows, wrists and neck.

The Post Partum Expert Series is backed by science and research, clinical and real life experience. It specifically demonstrates how taking it easy and resting will make you stronger, how going slowly actually yields faster results, that are more sustainable, and longer lasting. You will get your brain back, your patience will grow and you will feel and look so much better – because rather than being depleted, you are getting the nourishment you need. You then build constructively with ease and suppleness.

The powerful outcome of these programs is you will have up-to-date information which you can use to help your clientsl. The amount of goodwill, the impact . . . it is mindblowing what you will be able to do.

Here is to the growth of your practice as a teacher and enabling your clients to heal!

See you on the inside!