FS Approach to Working with Cancer Recovery


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This teleclass was originally recorded on June 11, 2014. This is an audio MP3 recording of that teleclass.

After the diagnosis of cancer, everything changes. It is as if a line in the sand has been crossed and there is no going back. What was before, is no longer what is, and everything going forward is unmistakably different. The veil of life, the veil of illusion, has been pulled away.

Now what? Where do you go from here?

The answer to Now What? is different depending on the stage you are at. At the start of treatment there are options and advice to navigate, decisions to be made. The question Now What? guides you to creating the plan going forward. During each treatment or after surgery if you are feeling fatigue, nauseous, or in some cases feeling so stiff that you can barely move, the Now What? question leads to very simply, “how can I feel better and mitigate the experience I am having as a result of the treatment”.

At the end of treatment, after the last chemotherapy or radiation treatment, or when you are walking out of the doctor’s office, when there was a vague thought of maybe there would be some sort of acknowledgement that you were complete, and there wasn’t, the Now What? question, leads you to the rest of your life and where to go next.

Through the use of case studies, stories and biomechanical discussion,Susi begins this conversation of what you can do for yourself during each of these stages so that you can pick up the pieces and carry on . . . calm, steady strong.

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