Jaw Pain Webinar


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This Jaw Pain Webinar is part of the The Pain Isn’t Where the Problem Is Webinar Series.

One of the primary concepts that Susi teaches all of her students and teacher trainees is that The Pain Isn’t Where the Problem Is, rather it is a sign of limitation or compensation. Often pain will manifest itself in an area of the body like knee pain, and, this is not the source of the problem – it is merely the expression of the problem. The real problem is usually found in another area of the body. The jaw, for example, has a long distance relationship with the pelvis, as well as some interesting correlations with the abdomen and feet.

This is why many relaxation exercises and jaw releases don’t provide the long standing results you are wanting. You need to resolve the underlying movement pattern first . . . you need to solve the “problem that is”.

The Jaw Webinar will run live and online on July 27 at 130 pm Mountain time. If you can’t make the time, don’t worry. The webinar will be recorded and you will receive all the material, following the end of the full program.

What You Will Receive: This program consists of this 1 hour webinar, a series of Susi-led yoga sequences to support you in reducing compensation and improving your pure movement, and a .pdf download of Susi’s Principles of Movement for you to refer to.

Learn More, Save More: If you would like to buy the bundle of 4 webinars (Back and SI Joints, Knees, Wrists and Jaw), click this link to receive 4 webinars for the price of 3.  This offer is available until July 16.

What Colette has to say:

I was referred to you by my dentist because he knew my jaw issues are related to my pelvis. Turns out that he was right and you did great work. I don’t even need a retainer and my jaw pain as gone away.  

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