I Love Anatomy – Feb 2017


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Dates: Feb 6 to Mar 2, 2017

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I Love Anatomy is $249 CDN (+ tax if applicable).

Are you looking for anatomy program that goes beyond just learning the names of muscles? Do you want to better understand kinesiology, biomechanics and how to truly honour each student’s body and their ability to move? Do you want to reduce or get out of pain?

We all know that each person’s body is unique in how it moves. Functional Synergy’s I Love Anatomy program offers a unique process that enables you to learn anatomy and apply the principles in every yoga class you teach, no matter the style you teach.

How the Process Works:

The I Love Anatomy Process is a 4 week program that occurs entirely online. All lessons are online at the start of the program, and can be accessed at any time during that month. After each lesson, students submit their questions to the discussion board, and each day, Susi responds to questions.

One of the most important concepts in understanding movement and yoga poses, as well as preventing or recovering from yoga related injuries, is being able to breakdown the pose into component parts.  We will discuss over 30 yoga poses breaking them down into their component parts so that you can truly see where things go wrong and what you can do to make a change so that you practice with greater strength, stability, suppleness and ease.

As a result of participating in this program you will learn:

  • Principles of anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics specifically related to yoga.
  • Effective cueing so that your students move properly for their anatomy.
  • How to avoid common cueing mistakes.
  • How to prevent yoga related injuries.

Who does this program serve the best? The people who benefit from Functional Synergy programs have the following characteristics. If these resonate with you, you will enjoy what we offer:

  • You want straight to the point information. This program is not a video taped workshop, so there is no meandering and getting off topic.
  • You like a direct connection with your teacher. Susi is on the discussion board each day to respond to your questions.
  • You love to explore and move as part of your learning. As part of the learning experience, participants practice what is taught and share their insights on the discussion board.
  • You inherently know there isn’t one cue for everyone. By understanding principles of anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics you will understand how to cue specifically for the people (and their bodies) in your classes.
  • You want to teach safe and innovative classes. Yoga is truly an amazing practice which can be dumbed down for fear of injury. When you understand anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology, you see the body not as something to protect or to limit, but rather an amazing biodynamic that when moved well, elicits remarkable energy, vitality and ease.

As with previous programs, there will be a PDF of the discussion board available after the training is complete for $12.99(+ GST). These PDFs are typically between 250- 300 pages in length).

What previous participants shared:

A big insight for me has been the miracle of attending how we move into Asana purely and with good function, as opposed to getting into the Asana “shape” and then trying to adjust it so that it’s more easeful! There is such a huge difference between the two, the latter building dysfunction on top of dysfunction and the former honouring the Yoga principal of ease and steadiness in asana, and in body and mind. Also, I’ve been observing students for ages and seeing discomfort that I’ve longed to be able to help with more effectively, and now after this course I’m finding myself saying aaahhh! So that’s why this or that is happening! – picking up those compensation patterns has been so useful.

Prior to this course usually something is hurting, strained, overused, but I’ve interpreted it as “I’ve worked out”, it’s just so strange to go thru my day + night “pain free” …..AND I am making progress in areas where I was weak /tight/both or lacked mobility. It’s just plain weird to not have twinges, tension during or after “practice”. This is how it’s suppose to be….functionalsynergy….?

My Warrior 2 has become a pleasurable experience now, whereas before I felt agitated, embarrassed and full of pain. Thank you so much for all you have taught us!!

Locations and Dates:

Online on your computer: From Feb 6 to Mar 3, 2017.

The course is self-paced – all the materials will be available to you for the duration of the course.

The training is $249 CDN (+ tax if applicable).

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