Power of Pure Movement: HIPS


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The Power of Pure Movement: Hips

Simple yoga-based exercises that go beyond ineffective and injury-inducing “hip openers” to create real strength and mobility in your hips

Have you wondered if it is possible to:

  • Get rid of the pain you’ve been dealing with for 2… 3… 7… or even 10+ years.
  • Do do your favourite activity – yoga, run, cycle, swim, ski, with much less effort and impact on your muscles, joints, and tendons? 
  • Go get down to the floor with your kids and simply play – without the fear of “will I be able to get up again?”, or “I am going to pay for this later.”

The answer is yes – and for many of us, the solution lies in our hips. 

Our hips play a huge role in the structural foundation of our bodies. Tightness, weakness, or instability in the hips can lead to:

  • knee issues
  • foot and ankle pain and sprains
  • piriformis problems
  • SI joint issues
  • back pain
  • shoulder and neck pain

… even jaw pain and headaches! 

That’s why so many yoga practitioners attempt to “open,” roll out, stretch or strengthen their hips in an attempt to improve their strength and mobility. But because they haven’t resolved the underlying problem that’s causing the hip dysfunction, their improvements are short lived. 

So they continue to do what they are doing, layering more dysfunction and increased compensation onto the shaky foundation of unresolved movement patterns – and the pain, strain, tension, and joint issues never really go away. 

It’s easy to become frustrated or give up and resign yourself to the idea that chronic pain is your new normal. “Well, I’m ## years old now,” you might think. “I guess this is what happens as we get older.” 

But that’s not true. At least, it doesn’t have to be. 

No matter how old you are or what kind of physical condition you are in, you can regain suppleness and strength in your body. You can reduce or even eradicate pain. You can age well. 

And the secret lies in moving your body better. 

The Power of Pure Movement: A Better Way to Build Strength and Mobility 

This video series teaches you how to reduce the aches and pains associated with hip dysfunction and build your physical strength and mobility quickly – without the risk of injuries commonly associated with traditional yoga hip openers.

This video series will show you how to: 

  • Look beyond the physical location of the pain to discover the real source of the problem

  • Identify the compensation patterns you have formed in response to hip pain and dysfunction

  • Replace your compensation patterns with “pure movement” techniques that alleviate pain and tension

  • Gain deeper awareness of how your body functions and how to move in a way that doesn’t cause undue stress on your joints and muscles

  • Break down common yoga exercises that often cause people to compensate, such as:  

    • lunge
    • clam shells
    • thread the needle (also called figure 4)
    • legs up the wall
    • tree pose
    • eagle pose

  • make minor adjustments in your position and posture for maximum benefits.

… and more. 

You don’t need better genetics, or to be younger again, or to wish you hadn’t done all those crazy things decades ago. You need to become aware of what you aren’t currently aware of  . . . then you can solve the real problems that are causing your pain, tension, and immobility. And the stronger and better you feel, the more compelled you will be to continue. Because self-empowerment is addictive. 

Are you ready to move from pain into greater strength and mobility? If so, scroll back up to the “Add to Cart” button and gain instant access to The Power of Pure Movement:Hips today.

Your entire body will thank you for it!  

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