Power of Pure Movement: Shoulders




I am super excited to share this new Power of Pure Movement Training.

The shoulders are like an orchestra consisting of the scapula, humerus, clavicles, rib cage, surrounding muscles, fascia, never, blood, and lymph vessels.  When you are limited in your shoulders, any or all of these pieces can be contributing factors. And limitation here can can extend well beyond the shoulders.

It has been shown that limitation or lack of function in the shoulders can impact repetitive strain injury in the wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist, and general pain and tension in the upper back, and neck.

So the functioning of your shoulder girdle can affect your primary daily activities, including typing on keyboard, scrolling through your phone, carrying groceries, lifting kids.

Coupled with the shoulder girdle function is also your ability to breathe, your ability to sense or feel movement, and your ability to relax into a motion. Even your thoughts will influence the ability to impart grace, freedom, and ease through your entire system, through the arms and down to the tips of your fingers.

With this training, I will support you to settle into your body, relax and rest through your shoulder girdle, and to learn how to move in a pain free motion.