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Have you wondered if it is possible to:

  • Get rid of the pain you have had for 2, 3, 4, 7, 10 or more years?
  • To do your favourite activity – yoga, run, cycle, swim, ski, with less effort and much less strain, tension and tendinitis?
  • To get down to the floor with your kids and simply play, without the fear of “will I be able to get up again?”, or “I am going to pay for this later”.

Yes, these are all possible and more.

Susi has been using her Functional Synergy Approach for over 20 years to teach her clients how to move better and, in turn, reduce pain and improving performance, very quickly.

Her approach is based on a straightforward philosophy that combines her B.Sc. Kinesiology with Yoga, and can be summed up in 2 parts:

  1. where the pain is, is not the problem. The pain is a sign of limitation or dysfunction in your body overall, and the actual problem is under your level of your awareness. When you can become aware of what you were previously unaware of, the “real” problem” shows itself, and you can then make effective change. Until that point, you can’t. Because truly, you can’t change what you aren’t aware of.
  2. there is no “bad” movement or exercise, it all depends on the person. When you understands how your body functions, you can make wiser, more fulfilling choices, which in turn helps you to get back to what you really want to do more quickly than ever.

How does this relate to the Hips?

The Hips are notorious for feeling tight, weak and unstable, which can lead to knee issues, foot and ankle pain and sprains, piriformis problems, SI joint issues, and back pain. Hip dysfunction is also related to pain in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and even headaches.  Many people know this and attempt to “open”, roll out, stretch or strengthen their hips in an attempt to make gains. For many, those gains aren’t long lasting because they aren’t resolving the underlying problem, so they continue to do what they are doing, layering on more dysfunction, increasing compensation, and strengthening on top of unresolved movement patterns.

As a result, issues remains more or less the same. People will often become frustrated, then resigned to it is just the way it is. “I am (insert age) years old, I guess this happens as with getting older”. That is not entire true.

Your tissue can change, you can regain suppleness and strength. Gains can be made at any age. Pain can be reduced or eradicated at any age. You can age well.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Susi’s functional synergy approach is anti-guru, and instead guided by curiosity, empowerment and self-discovery. The gains made in body awareness and body functioning have impact across life including pain reduction, improved sleep, and having more fulfilling sex. Pain, tension and strain is exhausting to experience, so when that reduces and goes away, there is a renewed vitality, a bounce to the step, a sparkle in the eye. Life no longer feels constraining or limiting.

Here is what two physiotherapists are saying about it:

“These videos offer valuable insight on how one might use the knowledge of anatomy and movement mechanics to move with more ease and reduce compensatory movement patterns that may potentially contribute to a variety of conditions. Susi provides creative, clear and thorough instructions and offers options for modifications when evaluating and addressing hip mobility and function which allows the opportunity for the pose to fit the person instead of forcing the person into the pose. I appreciate the focus she brings to cultivating body awareness, as this is key to enhancing safety and creating change in numerous physiological systems, which can all influence one’s pain experience. In the flow practice, Susi uses wonderful metaphors and imagery which fit the beauty of the surrounding nature and add a layer of connection to one’s sense of spirit, which is an important part of overall health.Thanks for creating these, Susi. I feel confident that many yoga teachers will learn from these, and the public will benefit in a variety of ways.”

Shelly Prosko, PT, PYT, CPI
Physical Therapist, Professional Yoga Therapist

Susi Hately’s Pure Movement: Hips Edition offers viewers the opportunity to slow down, to listen to the “whispers” of their embodied experience, and quite possibly, discover a new, more comfortable way to move. The practices are small and gentle creative explorations with appropriate guidance for all levels of movement ability. Her cues for where to look and listen for your whispers are spot on. Paying close attention is so valuable. And along the way, should you detect one or more compensations from the past via the whispers, you will be much better prepared for your journeys in the days ahead! ~ Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, Director, Matthew J. Taylor Institute www.drofmovement.com

What you will learn:

  • where your pain is, is not the problem.
  • common reasons for compensation.
  • how to see/feel and then quiet your compensation patterns  and improve your pure movement.
  • break down common exercises that often have compensations – what to watch for, and how to make changes:
    • lunge
    • clam shells
    • thread the needle (also called figure 4)
    • legs up the wall
    • tree pose
    • eagle pose

What is Possible and Probable:

Your current situation can change. You don’t need better genetics, or to be younger again, or to wish you hadn’t done all those crazy things decades ago. You need to become aware of what you aren’t currently aware of  . . . then you can make change, and solve the problem “that is”. And as you do, you will feel compelled to continue. It is rewarding, and self-empowering.

Here’s is what Susi’s clients are saying:

  • Susi’s keen eye for detail, and professional approach to her craft, make her an ideal trainer. She brings the obvious and necessary skills to a yoga session, but her real value-add is her uncanny eye for movement limitations in the bodies of her clients. Yoga, in Susi’s world, is available to young, old, strong, weak, even the non-bendy. ~ Garnet
  • I was referred to Susi in about 2004 to deal with chronic 24-7 pain from muscle spasms, headaches and a dysfunctional nervous system; all legacies from a disc removal and fusion operation between the C3-C4 vertebrae that I had in March, 1993.  Between 1993 and 2001 I had seen almost 2 dozen health care professionals and the message was always the same; nothing could be done for me.   I was on pain-killers, could barely walk and could not lift my arms over my head without triggering crippling muscle spasms.  In other words, I was in bad shape.  When we first started together, the immediate objective was to get out of pain and that came relatively quickly.  Susi and I have been together for over 10 years now and during that time my health and my quality of life has steadily improved.  Now almost every day is pain-free, I can hike 20 kilometers in a day if I choose or do a full-day’s work in the office or at home.  My breathing, energy levels, flexibility, strength, endurance, ability to focus, deal with stress and my on-the-job effectiveness have all increased markedly.  My home life has improved, too.  While the change has been truly miraculous, the secret to my progress is Susi’s unique ability to understand and apply the principles of yoga and kinesiology to my situation combined with my dedicated practice of the exercises that she gives me.   Her approach is logical and her philosophy of treating my situation as unique and taking the time to really understand what is happening to me are undoubtedly keys to the success that I have experienced.  ~ Ray

Here are what yoga teachers are saying about Susi:

  • I have learned so much from you. I realize now how the Yoga community is dominated by a lot of clueless teachers who are regurgitating cues they have learned in their training without much thought as to why they are saying them. As a somewhat older participant in yoga (age 58) and one who has recently been feeling more pain in my body, I am fascinated by the concept of pure movement and look forward to really exploring that more in my own body. ~ Janet
  • I love the simplicity to your approach and how I can apply concepts right away to my private clients. It begins by getting into an authentic place with my body. That is when I see the shift. Then, when I, as the teacher, have the shift, so will my students because they follow my example. If I’m in pain, they see that and follow me. If I am working in ease, so will they. Thanks! ~ Melissa
  • When I listen to my body and ensure I am moving in my pain free range, my range of motion increases and so fast. Thank you! ~ Lindsay
  • A big insight for me has been the miracle of attending to how we move into Asana purely and with good function, as opposed to getting into the Asana “shape” and then trying to adjust. There is such a huge difference between the two, the latter building dysfunction on top of dysfunction and the former honouring the Yoga principal of ease and steadiness in asana, and in body and mind. Also, I’ve been observing students for ages and seeing discomfort that I’ve longed to be able to help with more effectively, and now after this course I’m finding myself saying aaahhh! So that’s why this or that is happening! – picking up those compensation patterns has been so useful. Thanks very much. ~ Alison

Here are what buyers of the Pure Movement Series: Hips Edition are saying:

  • Susi, Thank you so much for this video! I am enjoying working with it and know it will bring me relief from pain. I appreciate you. ~ Warmly, Janet
  • Thank you for these 2 videos, certainly worth the wait. The trees were amazing, one of my favorite places to practice tree pose is among the GIANT redwoods in northern California, and your “tree” practice reminded me of them. ~ Ginny
  • I’ve practiced yoga, Pilates, feldenkrais, authentic movement, body mind centering; some since since 1970. The refinements I experienced interacting with the two hip videos has kinesthetically clarified detours/compensations I was using to accomplish tree, lunge, clamshells, and more. My living system will flourish even more with these basic visual explanations of how compensations originate! I could go on and on, it’s like Suzi is right here in my movement room in New Mexico!! Yum. ~ Karen

I look forward to working with you.

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